Chinese Scientists Create AI Nanny To Grow Babies In Robot Wombs

Chinese scientists have created an AI nanny to grow babies in robot wombs. Currently, the new technique is being used to aid in the development of animal embryos in the lab that are maturing into fetuses.

Chinese Scientists Create AI Nanny To Grow Babies In Robot Wombs

The nanny with artificial intelligence has evolved. Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are now being employed to maximize the genesis of human life, signifying a major breakthrough in science.

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Robotics and artificial intelligence can now help neonates grow through the application of algorithms and artificial wombs, akin to what we see in the cult favorite The Matrix.

Chinese scientists in Suzhou, as per the South China Morning Post, have spearheaded the creation of the latest technical innovation. Meanwhile, there are worries regarding the moral implications of nurturing humans in a laboratory setting.

Suzhou-based experts reported their findings in the peer-reviewed Journal of Biomedical Engineering. According to the researchers, the AI nanny could help human children grow in a “long-term embryo culture device.”

This artificial womb is a large machine with different sections for fetuses. If the babies are in the chamber, they will eat as they would have in a genuine womb, which would be supplied with an optimum combination of “nutritious fluids.”

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Artificial Womb in “The Matrix”

The software will keep a track of embryo health and “developmental potential” for the length of the embryo’s development, which appears to be eugenics-like.

It’s unlikely to happen anytime soon…

Currently, the new technique is being used to aid in the development of animal embryos in the lab that are maturing into fetuses. This is attributable to the truth that international law makes it illegal to experiment on human embryos older than two weeks.

Surrogacy is also outlawed in China, according to the SMCP. Artificial wombs are improbable to be used in China anytime in the near future since they would practically turn a hospital or laboratory into a mother under Chinese law.

However, the construction of artificial wombs is not a novel idea. While this isn’t a new finding, putting it into human mass production and combining it with ranking AI is, and it’s a rather dystopian sounding development.

Of course, not everything is a hopeless dystopia..

Even though the idea of artificially producing human infants seems far-fetched, it does have some benefits. For instance, generating children within people has traditionally been a long, drawn-out, and unpleasant procedure, and this might potentially help moms who want to have children but seem to be presently incapable to do it without the use of a human surrogate. And besides, by the conclusion of the century, the world’s population will have shrunk by billions, and fertility rates from around world are plummeting at an alarming rate.

This appears to be more of a “when” than a “if”…

Whenever artificial human development becomes accessible, it will allow individuals who might normally be unable to conceive children to do so. Adoption is also an alternative for thousands of youngsters in foster care who could be adopted by a permanent family.

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  1. Fertility rates wouldn’t be plummeting if we didn’t allow Bill Gates foundation access to pharmaceuticals that cause infertility or the use of chemicals in our air, water, and soil. Bill Gates should be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity along with all of the other billionaires who went to the meeting on downsizing our population. Soros, Rockefeller, Oprah, Turner, and more.

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