Agricultural Terrorism – An Overview

Agricultural Terrorism GreatGameIndia

From the beginning of civilisations rivers and agri(culture) were the most important things for mankind in defining their social life and spiritual progress. The reductionist science never understood this for a long time but efforts are made from the beginning of scientific enquiry to give a holistic look towards scientific phenomenon. Often it was never possible because each scientific discovery leads towards the creation of government or private corporations and over period huge investments are made. After investments are made even if the scientific process proves false the investments in the industry cannot be discarded as easily as one can abandon scientific theory.

The same thing happened in destruction of agriculture and rivers.

Agricultural Terrorism GreatGameIndia

When we got independence for the first 20 years (1947-67) we were mislead, tutored, wrongly advised that we have to build dams to increase agricultural production and dams were the modern temples and in the process even if we destroy temples, mosques, gurudwaras or churches it is ok. All this was done under World Bank and euro sponsors advise after they knew the massive scientific evidence coming out on disadvantages of dams and being aware of the decommissioning of dams in Europe and USA. We were still doing organic farming.


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