Australian Spy Who Wanted To Release Classified Data On Afghan War Crimes Assassinated In Army HQ

An Australian spy who wanted to release classified data on war crimes in Afghanistan was recently found mysteriously assassinated in a car park at army headquarters holding an encrypted hard drive.

Australian Spy Who Wanted To Release Classified Data On Afghan War Crimes Assassinated In Army HQ

Late Australian spy had access to highly classified information about the wars and ‘what went on in Afghanistan’ when Australian army was deployed there.

At the time of death, the victim was possessing an encrypted hard drive.

As stated by reports, Australian soldiers killed Afghan civilians and kids unlawfully.

Australian spy was found dead at army headquarters in its car park.

He was planning to release the classified information he had, on war crimes in Afghanistan.

The spy was carrying a hard drive with himself at the time of death.

The hard drive was encrypted and had all the classified information about the behaviour of Australian soldiers while they were deployed in Afghanistan.

Australian Special Air Service troopers were accused of killing 39 Afghan prisoners and civilians.

If the information contained in the encrypted hard drive would have been released, it would have changed the public’s perspective on what went on in Afghanistan.

The Australian intelligence officer was planning to challenge the one-sided Brereton report, a source told The Sunday Telegraph.

The Brereton report that was released in 2020 horrified the public. 

This report that stated that 25 defence personnels from Australian Special Forces murdered 39 Afghan civilians, including children, was covered up by Australian Defence Force.

Some of them were still serving while this report was released in November 2020.

This report further stated that juniors in Australian Defence Force were asked to execute Afghan detainees.

All the evidence and weapons were planted on the bodies of detainees. And it all happened between 2009 and 2013.

This entire incident was termed as the ‘most shameful episode in Australia’s military history’ as per the report.

This report was so terrifying that 9 members of Australian Special Force committed suicide within few weeks after the report was made public.

Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) handles overseas intelligence service and is the counterpart to ASIO.

ASIO, in turn, handles domestic intelligence, security, and counter-terrorism.

Soon after the report was released an ASIS personnel was found dead in the Russell complex on 21st December 2020.

A former insider told the publication it was ‘unsurprising the intelligence community is being so evasive about the apparent suicide of one of its people’. 

‘This is how they bury their mistakes,’ he said. 

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  1. A lot of holes in this, #1, If the drive was encrypted then how does anyone know what was on it? It could be anything from his personal porn collection to pirated music. I call bullshit on this story. This reeks of Chinese propaganda, They never have a story that is not full of holes.

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