Launch Date Revealed For Action Square’s Sci-Fi Roguelike Shooter ANVIL

Anvil, the highly anticipated multiplayer sci-fi roguelike shooter, is finally emerging from its transformative period in Early Access and ready to make its full release. Developed by Action Square and published by HIKE, this thrilling space adventure is set in a futuristic universe, where players will venture forth with unique characters in search of the enigmatic galactic heritage known as the Vault.

In this expansive universe, players must gather a vast array of artifacts scattered throughout the cosmos. Intense and fast-paced battles against formidable space monsters await as players progress through the game, facing off against various imposing bosses. To further enrich the experience, Anvil offers four engaging game modes, each catering to different levels of difficulty. These modes include the all-new PvP Mode, Practice Mode, Galaxy Mode, and Season Challenge Mode.

Mark your calendars for the grand launch of Anvil on July 27, 2023, exclusively for PC via Steam, priced at $24.99. Don’t miss the opportunity to add the game to your wishlist on Steam and catch the latest update trailer below to fuel your excitement for this epic space odyssey.

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