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How TikTok Could Decide The 2024 Election 1

How TikTok Could Decide The 2024 Election

In the 2024 presidential election, TikTok, a Chinese-owned app, is poised to play a crucial role in engaging voters, especially younger demographics. Both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have embraced the platform despite previous calls for its ban, underscoring its significance in modern political campaigning. The most

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France Blames Deadly New Caledonia Uprising On TikTok, Russia, & Azerbaijan 1

France Blames Deadly New Caledonia Uprising On TikTok, Russia, & Azerbaijan

According to a recently published report in Politico, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and other officials blame the deadly New Caledonia uprising on TikTok, Russia, and Azerbaijan. Further disturbing photos from the ongoing rioting and turmoil in the French Pacific island of New Caledonia have surfaced, and more French troops—including

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Migrant-Smuggling “Influencers” Use TikTok To Advertise

According to USA Today, migrant-smuggling “influencers” are using TikTok to advertise their services, leveraging popular hashtags such as “sueño americano” (“American dream”). Migrant smugglers — known as “coyotes” — are advertising their illegal transportation services into the US through the southern border via the Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok, according

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TikTok Teaches Kids How To Steal Kia And Hyundai

Due to viral videos posted on TikTok and other social media platforms, teaching people how to start cars with USB cables and exploit a security vulnerability in some models, several Kia and Hyundai cars were stolen. Jonnifer Neal’s Kia was stolen twice in one day — first from in front

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Tiktok Launches New Social Media Site

TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, has launched a new social media site called Lemon8, amid federal and state efforts to ban or restrict TikTok in the country over national security concerns. In the days after TikTok’s CEO was grilled by Congress for the first time, many TikTok users began posting about an

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