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According to USA Today, migrant-smuggling "influencers" are using TikTok to advertise their services, leveraging popular hashtags such as "sueño americano" ("American dream"). Migrant smugglers -- known as "coyotes" -- are advertising their illegal transportation...
Forbes has learned that the financial information and social security numbers of TikTok creators have been stored in China without their knowledge. Over the past several years, thousands of TikTok creators and businesses around the...
Due to viral videos posted on TikTok and other social media platforms, teaching people how to start cars with USB cables and exploit a security vulnerability in some models, several Kia and Hyundai cars were stolen.
TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance, has launched a new social media site called Lemon8, amid federal and state efforts to ban or restrict TikTok in the country over national security concerns. In the days...
The ban of TikTok from government devices is meant to guard against the possibility that Chinese Communist Party members or officials could gain access to the personal data of U.S. officials.
Within the past few months, TikTok hired SKDK, a firm connected to Biden, to provide 'communications support' as it fights a push to ban the app. This move has given the company a line to the White House.
Subscribers of e-girls claim that the US military is utilizing YouTube and TikTok to enhance its image, in an effort to address the shortage of volunteers that has persisted for years.
With rising inflation putting pressure on household finances, some low-income Americans have turned to "Dollar Tree Dinners" as their meal of choice.
TikTok is deciding who wins and who loses: creators and businesses may lose a space on someone's For You page to someone with a closer relationship with the corporation. This is how TikTok decides what goes viral.
According to Forbes' initial report from October, ByteDance has admitted that it used TikTok to track the physical locations of journalists using their IP addresses. This is how TikTok spied on Forbes journalists.