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Greta Thunberg has been arrested at a climate protest. Despite the protests, the entire town has been evacuated, with 30 residences, 35 "tree structures" and 300 residents relocated to other towns and cities.
The World Economic Forum summit in Davos ended last week with no response to a Swiss journal's last year questioning of the WEF's ability to stop "de-globalization." 
The elites of Davos are presently engaged in igniting an actual war. A climate change activist exploded and started comparing things to equivalents of 600,000 Hiroshima bombs daily.
Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth

The Island Boys, consisting of twin brothers Frankie and Alex Venegas, rose to fame in the early 2020s with their viral hit "I'm an Island Boy" on TikTok. Here's the estimated net worth of the Island Boys.
Adin Ross' sister is a social media influencer and Instagram model. Meet Naomi Ross, Adin Ross' sister.
Renowned influencer Andrew Tate has apparently been detained, and it appears that his Twitter spat with environmental and climate activist Greta Thunberg was what prompted police to verify his whereabouts.
The federal health organization now recognizes that testing everyone is a bad idea, 2.5 years after it was first proposed. Now, the new CDC COVID guidelines throw out quarantine and allow for benefits of natural immunity.
The hypocrisy in Hollywood should come as a surprise to no one. But Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has something to say about it. "Give up your yacht before lecturing on climate change," Bolsonaro recently told DiCaprio.
COP26 has been sold as a conference where world leaders will finally tackle climate change. But for its corporate sponsors, the conference is an opportunity to greenwash their practices of polluting for profit.
Rihanna was paid $2.5 million by the PR firm Skyrocket to tweet in support of the farmers protest in India.