95 Year Old German Woman Charged With 10,000 Murders During World War 2

A 95 year old German woman has been charged with 10,000 murders during World War 2.

95 Year Old German Woman Charged With 10,000 Murders During World War 2
95 Year Old German Woman Charged With 10,000 Murders During World War 2

German prosecutors have filed charges against a 95-year-old woman they say was complicit in the murder of more than 10,000 people at the Stutthof concentration camp during World War II.

The woman worked as a typist and secretary. Despite her age, the case is being handled by a juvenile court because she was under 21 when she worked at the camp.

The public prosecutor’s office in Itzehoe, a small town northwest of Hamburg, did not identify the woman when it announced charges against her.

In a statement sent to NPR, Senior Public Prosecutor Peter Müller-Rakow said the woman helped those in charge of the camp carry out “the systematic killing of Jewish prisoners,” along with Polish partisans and Russian prisoners of war.

The Stutthof concentration camp was established in 1939, east of Gdansk along Poland’s Baltic coast. The secretary worked there from June 1943 to April 1945, as a close aide to the commandant.

By that time, the facility had been expanded and was using Zyklon B gas chambers to exterminate prisoners, according to the Death Camp Memorial Site.

The new case is the first in years to target a woman who worked at a concentration camp, according to Agence France-Presse.

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  1. Involved in mass murder for a couple of years….she has no defense.
    Execute the Nazi.

    The reason for all the World’s problems, to this very day…..are the Nazis.

  2. 95? Leave the poor old woman alone for heaven’s sake. What she has done is between her and God now and I am certain that God will judge her according to her ‘fruits’ on earth. If she has repented of her crimes then she may well have been forgiven by God. There is NO partiality with God and not one of us is sin free. We ALL will be judged according to what we have sown on earth whether good or evil. This is ridiculous in my humble opinion.

  3. Meanwhile, not a single American or Brit has been charged with the murder of 300,000 German civilians in Dresden. Victor’s Justice is not justice.

  4. No they are NOT, the Nazis lost the Worlds problems are caused by the Victors.I recommend you read these 2 books.

    Throughout the 1930s, Hitler was duped into persevering in his desire for
    friendship with England, an alliance originally proposed jointly by Theodore
    Roosevelt and the Kaiser in 1898 between the three Nordic powers, England,
    Germany and the United States. The Schroders assured Hitler than their AngloGerman Fellowship in England was a hundred times more influential than it actually
    was. With such figures as the Astors and the Chamberlains supporting rapport with
    Germany, Hitler was persuaded that war with England was impossible. In 1933 he
    had announced his discovery that Marx, Lenin and Stalin had all said that before
    international Communism could triumph, England and her Empire must be
    destroyed. “I am willing to help defend the British Empire by force if called upon,” he
    declared. In 1936, Hitler arranged for meetings to take place between English and
    German diplomats, but the desired result was never attained, as the British had
    only one goal, to lull Hitler into a sense of false security until they could declare war
    against him.
    To lure Hitler into World War II, it was necessary to guarantee him adequate
    supplies of such necessities as ball bearings and oil. Jacob Wallenberg of the
    Swedish Enskilda Bank, which controlled the giant SKF ball bearing plant, furnished
    ball bearings to the Nazis throughout the war. The anti aircraft guns sending flak
    against American air crews turned on SKF ball bearings. Its American plant, SKF of
    Philadelphia, was repeatedly put on the Proclaimed List, and each time, Dean
    Acheson removed it.
    President William S. Farish of Standard Oil refueled Nazi ships and submarines
    through stations in Spain and Latin America. When Queen Elizabeth recently came
    to the U.S., the only family she visited was the Farishes. Throughout the war, the
    British paid royalty to Ethyl Standard Corp. on the gasoline used by German
    bombers who were destroying London.


    Immediately following the war (WW1)the British government, acting on orders from their hidden masters in the City, clamped a blockade on Germany. This move had a devastating effect on the German people. On March 4th, 1919, Winston Churchill declared in the House of Commons that Britain was “enforcing the blockade with vigor. . . This weapon of starvation falls mainly on the women and children, upon the old, the weak and the poor. . .” (The Nation, June 21, 1919, p. 980).Professor Quigley tells us that “the results of the blockade were devastating. Continued for nine months after the armistice, it caused the deaths of 800,000 persons. . .” (Tragedy and Hope, p. 261). During the four years of the war Germany lost 1,600,000 dead. The German death rate during the blockade was five and a half times higher than during the war! —— … P116

  5. Also see Codoh.com (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) they have years of research and a large archive of material.

  6. Re-search Robert Faurission and his information and you’ll find the Holohoax is all lies, it has more holes in it than a cheap suit. Why do we never get real facts about the Bolsheviks and their crimes ? Could it be the same people who carried out these crimes are the same folks controlling the media outlets.

  7. That figure is more likely higher mate, we had over 15 million Germans killed, starved to death, raped and frozen to death in winter after they were thrown out of their homes by the victors, many of the dead were children and old people, No war-crimes trials for the All-lies. Sorry what was done to Germany by my countrymen Grog, we are all paying a very heavy price now that we all failed to back Germany at the time, but backed these crooks who control the fake usury system.

  8. God states (King James Bible)

    1Timothy 5:24 Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.
    1Ti 5:25 Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.

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