9 Famous Stoners Who Finally Got Sober

More celebrities are entering the cannabis world as many states legalize the plant. Some famous stoners quit smoking recreational marijuana to explore its reported health benefits.

Other stars grow outdoor indica seeds at home and use the herb privately. They might use other weed consumption methods besides smoking.

Busy lives, families, and careers motivate some celebrities to stop using weed. Stick around to discover several famous faces who’ve gone sober and what inspired them to change.


Brad Pitt

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt reveals how he spent the 1990s smoking weed. He was battling depression and hiding away from stardom after rising to fame in Legends of the Fall (1994) and Seven (1995).

Pitt took a life-changing tour to Morocco at the end of the decade. He saw people struggling with extreme poverty, health problems, and inequality, which helped him appreciate his life.

Recovering from his deep sadness motivated him to quit smoking pot and start working again.

Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or Lady Gaga, made several headlines for smoking weed. The singer famously hit a joint while performing in Amsterdam.

In the Gaga: Five Foot Two documentary, she claims cannabis helps her deal with fibromyalgia pain. The star also confesses smoking marijuana to boost her creativity when writing music.

Performance artist Marian Abramovic helped Gaga get sober from weed. The singer went from hitting 15 joints daily to only consuming a small amount. She said, “And now I smoke a little bit at night, just, you know, for fun but not to cope.”

Gaga also reveals that her dad saved her from addiction as he talked her out of consuming marijuana.

Travis Barker

Before experiencing a tragic plane crash in September 2018, Travis Barker was an avid pot smoker. He claims he used to hit up to 20 blunts daily.

The accident left him with third-degree burns, and he underwent multiple surgical skin grafts. In a Men’s Health interview, the Blink-182 drummer explained the experience was his wake-up call to quit drugs.

He stopped smoking weed and ventured into the cannabis business, launching Barker Wellness in February 2021. The marijuana brand offers vegan-friendly skin and pain relief products infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

Mark Wahlberg

Action movie fanatics know Mark Wahlberg. He’s starred in films like Shooter, Infinite, and Patriots Day. The actor smoked weed before becoming one of the celebrities against marijuana.

He explained why he stopped using cannabis while receiving the Indie Impact Award in 2011. Wahlberg recounts that his daughter asked him what the smell was in the car, and he told her it was weed.

The child remarked, “Sometimes dad smells like that.” The statement changed Wahlberg, and he decided to quit marijuana for his family.

Paul McCartney

Singer Paul McCartney is among the famous potheads in the music industry. Bob Dylan introduced The Beatles to marijuana in 1964. After their first hilarious weed experience, the band started using the herb routinely.

Customs officials arrested McCartney in a Japanese airport for possessing about eight ounces of marijuana in 1980. The celebrity spent nine days in prison before the authorities released and deported him.

After decades of pot smoking, the singer announced his move to sobriety in a 2015 talk with the Mirror, “I don’t do it anymore.” He continued, “The truth is I don’t want to set a bad example to my children and grandkids.”

Willie Nelson

Country musician William Nelson is a stout cannabis advocate who’s fought for marijuana legalization for decades.

He’s made history for his weed experiences, including lighting a joint with Jimmy Carter’s son on the White House rooftop.

Nelson stopped smoking marijuana in 2019 for health reasons. His publicist, Elaine Schock, told USA Today the musician still uses weed through other consumption methods.

Miley Cyrus

Singer Miley Cyrus is among the celebrity pot smokers who’ve gone sober. In 2013, she lit a joint while on stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Cyrus admitted to struggling to balance life and career on the Joe Rogan Experience show. She revealed she smoked weed while playing her superstar character Hannah Montana at Disney.

The celebrity explained, “I don’t smoke anymore, and I’m sober.” She also underwent vocal surgery in 2019, motivating her to stop using weed.

CeeLo Green

Award-winning singer Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, or CeeLo Green, used to smoke marijuana before experiencing a weed-induced anxiety attack. He had the encounter while performing with Goodie Mob.

The “Forget You” hitmaker quit using cannabis after his experience. The fear of another anxiety attack drove him to sobriety.

Kid Cudi

Rapper Kid Cudi announced his exit from marijuana on his Tumblr page on 1st April 2011. He wrote, “I don’t smoke weed anymore.” The celebrity explained that he stopped consuming pot to focus on his business.

Cudi later released the “Marijuana” music video showing him hitting joints. The famous stoner explained he shot the footage before giving up the herb. He claimed that the track is a tribute to his entire smoking career.

In a 2013 interview with Complex, Cudi revealed that various factors influenced his decision to become sober. His child was a significant motivation. The rapper also wanted people to appreciate his talent without the “lonely stoner” tag.

Toke Wisely

If you can’t smoke for health reasons, find other ways to consume marijuana, like some of these famous potheads and stoners. With private story names on social media apps, tokers can still share their love for the herb while remaining discreet.

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