60% Of Greeks Live In Fear About Their Financial Future

According to survey data conducted by Statista’s Consumer Insights, 60% of Greeks live in fear about their financial future.

60% Of Greeks Live In Fear About Their Financial Future 1

In light of the recent spike in inflation and the cost of living crisis, many households are beginning to examine their bank balance with anxiety.

Survey results from Statista’s Consumer Insights show that this sentiment is especially strong in Greece, where up to 60% of respondents expressed concern about their financial future.

This is far higher than the average of the 39 countries surveyed, which was 38 percent. High percentages are also revealed by Portugal and Argentina, which fall just short of the 50% threshold.

The accompanying chart by Statista’s Anna Fleck illustrates how pervasive financial insecurity is.

60% Of Greeks Live In Fear About Their Financial Future 2

Roughly three out of ten respondents expressed fear about their financial future, even in France, one of the nations where this sentiment is considerably less prevalent.

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