6 Pros and Cons of Using OpenAI for Educational Assignments

Students frequently run out of time and get buried in academic work. When this happens, they can’t help but seek assignment help from assignment writing service in different places. There are many resources that gladly take some of the weight off their shoulders. Recently, college attendants began using the ChatGPT platform developed by OpenAI. It combines machine learning and AI tech.

Together they are able to generate real-life human speech. In essence, it’s a super-intelligent chatbot that users can talk to. Since students love cutting corners, they immediately saw ChatGPT as an irreplaceable tool. Many believe that this technology is flawless and can guide them through college. But there are some pros and cons they must learn first. 


Your Personal Wikipedia

Students have been using informational websites since the mid-2000s. They offered quick access to necessary data without the trouble of reading textbooks. Students can ask the chatbot various questions like

  • Which events led to WWI?
  • What are quantum mechanics?
  • What is the size of the solar system?
  • What was the outcome of the Mexican–American War?
  • What’s the difference between an atom and a molecule?

ChatGPT provides long and detailed answers to each of those queries. The best part is that it looks like a real person wrote you back. If there’s a mistake, the platform immediately apologizes and corrects it. The bot works almost like a Wikipedia that one interacts with instead of reading long text paragraphs.

You can use these answers in various academic assignments. It drastically reduces the time spent on researching essays and paper topics. No need to look for online help or scrape outdated PDF textbooks.

Fast Paper Outlining

Students sometimes hit a creative block and can’t work on academic papers. OpenAI helps overcome this obstacle and get them writing. One can ask ChatGPT to make several essay titles for a particular topic. For example, you can get ideas on subjects of freedom of speech, climate change, fossil fuels, and others. It’s a great way to get your creativity fired up.

Students often need help with essay structure. ChatGPT acts as their personal assignment writer like in essaywriterhire.com, and it is free to use at any time. You can ask the bot something like “write a paper on the American revolution” and receive a moderately decent piece of work. Needless to say, AI-generated texts are far from polished or comprehensive.

Yet, they give students a rough look at what their papers can look like. This will make it easier to make work blueprints and fill them with appropriate content. With OpenAI, students can make each piece of work to the liking of evaluating professors. Of course, it doesn’t mean that AI will do all of the thinking for them.

Hard Terms Plainly Explained

A poor understanding of a subject is one of the main reasons for clicking the “buy assignment” button. College attendants sometimes struggle with notions and terms they come across in their work. ChatGPT can explain these things in a clear and straightforward manner. This way, students will be more likely to process new notions and comprehend them.

The OpenAI chatbot can help out with notions in physics, literature, graphic design, or advanced mathematics. This makes the platform a great addition to a student’s learning materials. It won’t substitute real learning and education, though. This and other ChatGPT pros make the technology exceptional. But one has to address its disadvantages to see the bigger picture.


Lack of Accurate Data

OpenAI did a phenomenal job connecting the tech to a huge data pool. The caveat is that this information is often incomplete or downright incorrect. Because of this, students have to double-check everything the OpenAI platform tells them. It’s not the best tool if you’re working on a serious paper that will influence your final grade. In this case, OpenAI technology cannot beat the best research writing services available on the market.

As ChatGPT isn’t perfect, overreliance on this tech can backfire. One can get lower grades or fail assignments because of faulty data. While this issue may be solved in the future, now people must take the chatbot’s information with a grain of salt. Good old Wikipedia or plain textbooks are more reliable in this regard.

Damage to the Learning Process

Another issue ChatGPT raised is the high dependence on technology. A program that can basically write everything devalues the importance of education. There’s no need to do any research if a machine can do it faster. Students might simply copy and paste texts as if those were their own. There have already been such incidents in American schools and colleges.

A dependence on AI in educational assignments may fool professors for a while. It might even get students through college with relative success. But they won’t have the skills or the knowledge to work on their own. This can create a workforce that’s absolutely dependent on the current state of AI. It’s not a good scenario to look forward to.

Promoting Cheating and Plagiarism

There’s nothing wrong with consulting an assignment writing service from time to time. The problem is that OpenAI gives unlimited access to its tool. When there’s a faster way of doing things, students will jump on it right away. They can use the chatbot to improve their grades without putting in an ounce of effort.

This opens ample opportunities for cheating. If left unchecked, the practice can cause a student to forget what they’ve learned before. People who excessively use this bot have an unearned edge over their peers who study and work on their own. Of course, using ChatGPT will only get them so far. Sooner or later, they’ll understand that OpenAI won’t help during exams.


OpenAI achieved a lot with its ChatGPT technology. It helps with educational assignments through idea generation and facts. But the nature of this platform can make students over-reliant on its capabilities. OpenAI and other text-generating companies should put a limit on their products.

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  1. Education should be about application of information, where the information is sourced is of little or no importance. Little wonder education in the western world has become irrelevant.

  2. Technology MUST BE throttled back from it’s dominance of human motivation, volition and beliefs.
    A huge part of human maturation happens via intake of information across an internal yes/no, do/do not, fit/no fit discrimination and discernment development curve.
    Technology thwarts and defeats internal human growth…I reject the massive use of manipulative algo’s focused upon human addiction to artificial endorphin stimulation based solely upon facile chase of the tail desires.
    Grow the eff up techies, and recognize your pursuit of convenience and ease only foments sloth and mindless, empty meaningless, frustrated for more results…duh!
    Plain as the nose on your face friends…if you cultivate ‘eyes to see’.

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