5 Most Iconic Casino Movies of All Time

Entertainment is a solace for those who want to lift up their spirits, and that is why many Canadians are always on the lookout for entertainment options. Casino gaming and Hollywood movies have been great sources of entertainment for human beings.

There are many movies like Casino that display different settings of the gambling world. Such movies exist in varied genres, but they teach and send the right message to the viewers at the end of the day.

Casino movies are among those entertainment options that play a vital role in teaching gamers better skills. They also take gamers on an adventure to great cities such as Las Vegas, Ontario, Atlantic city, and many more.

Many cinematographic titles have lived along and have always made the viewers stay glued to them. We linked up with our expert gamer Michelle Thomas (view profile), to enlighten you about some of the casino movies. Here are the casino movies worth your time:

Croupier (1998)

It’s one of the fantastic movies directed by the legendary director, Mike Hodges. In the movie, the actor portrays a real-life casino dealer. It shows the ups and downs a dealer goes through to become successful at what they do.

Jack Manfred, who is also a writer, decides to join the gambling arena. Of course, he entered the arena for the same purpose as others-to make ends meet. The reality is that he is struggling in writing, and he needs something to make his life stable.

Even though all the experience he has is from the shady casino, he gets his inspiration from writing, which makes him excel in the game. After joining gambling, he gets involved in a planned casino heist. It’s an excellent casino man movie that will make you stay longer hours just watching.

Owning Mahowny

Canadians may tend to think that only Hollywood can produce breath-taking gambling movies. However, this movie shows that Canadians are equal to the task. 

The 2003 film is notable for making Roger Ebert appear in the list of the top actors. It was also ranked as one of the best movies then. It has an outstanding cast with Philip Seymour. Other key names in the film include Mini Driver and John Hurt.

It’s among the movies that Canadians love considering that it shows how a bank clerk got away with $10 million at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. You probably think he invested the money elsewhere. No. When you watch the movie, you will see him using the money on gambling.

21 (2008)

21 is a great film that if you haven’t watched, you should find time and watch. It’s a classic movie that is based on a true-life story. The main concept in it is card counting. Some of the notable names in the movie include Ben Campbell.

The main character is a brilliant MIT student who is having difficulties paying school fees. The film displays how a math professor teaches a group of 6 MIT students card counting. They later fleeced the Las Vegas casino on the weekend. Over time, they become perfect at the game, travel to Las Vegas over the weekend, and win huge sums of money.

Casino Royale (2006)

If you have watched Ian Fleming’s movie released in 1973, you will understand that Casino Royale is no different. The reality is that it’s a remake of the film. It has Daniel Craig who acts the role of James Bond.

He takes on another outstanding character, a villainous figure and a mob banker. Considering that it’s a Bond movie, you need to expect nothing but dirty tricks in the film, criminal sequence, and violence. 

The climax of the gamble movie is a showdown at the Monte Carlo casino. The film is action-based and gives the viewers the thrilling experience they need. If you love scenes that will keep triggering your emotions as you watch, Casino Royale will be the perfect piece for you.

Casino (1995)

It features in the list of top movies that you shouldn’t miss. Hollywood legend Martin Scorsese was the director of the film.

The Casino movie features an amazing character, Robert De Niro, who is the owner of the luxurious casino in Las Vegas. It displays how an organized crime gets executed in the casino environment. Joe Pesci, a gangster in the movie, displays drama in the movie-making every scene in it crazy.

Above are just some of the gambling movies worth mentioning. The good news is that as people move to the online world, most of the platforms featured on Canadian casinos online have recreated most of the movies that are featured on these movies.

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