3M Reaches $10.3 Billion Settlement Over ‘Forever Chemicals’ Contamination

3M has reached a $10.3 billion settlement over the contamination caused by “Forever Chemicals.” The company sold firefighting foams containing PFAS that resulted in the pollution of local soil and groundwater.

Illustration picture shows the 3M logo at the site of the 3M plant in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands, on 10 June 2021. (Eric Lalmand/Belga Mag/AFP via Getty Images)

Chemical manufacturer 3M Co. has reached a $10.3 billion settlement with several U.S. public drinking water systems to resolve allegations of contamination of “forever chemicals.”

The company announced Thursday that the agreement “includes present value commitment of up to $10.3 billion payable over 13 years.”

The $10.3 billion agreement would settle a case that had been scheduled for trial earlier this month over a 2018 lawsuit brought by the city of Stuart, Florida. The judge overseeing the case delayed the trial the morning it was set to start.

The city alleged that 3M made or sold firefighting foams containing PFAS that polluted local soil and groundwater, and sought for more than $100 million for filtration and remediation.

Stuart is just one of about 300 communities that have filed similar suits against companies such as 3M that produced firefighting foam or the PFAS it contained.

3M itself is facing thousands of lawsuits alleging PFAS contamination that were not part of the latest settlement. Among the lawsuits are those filed by people with personal injury and property damage claims. U.S. states have also filed lawsuits citing damages to natural resources such as rivers and lakes.

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