Rothschild Letter To SC Regarding Secret Vijay Mallya Bank Account

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How a letter from the Bank of Rothschild can make $40 million of Indian taxpayers money vanish?

Sometime back a consortium of 17 banks led by State Bank of India went to the Supreme Court to issue arrest warrant against Vijay Mallya. In the written affidavit they said that Mallya had not disclosed his bank account with the Rothschild Bank, Geneva. The banks had accused Mr. Mallya of “deliberate” concealment.

Now, Vijay Mallya has filed a counter-affidavit saying that he has no control over the “$39,999,994” paid to him by the British liquor major Diageo Plc. He said that in February 2016 the money was equally divided among his three children who are citizens of United States of America. The affidavit said each of them were “majors and citizens of the United States of America” and he had no control over their Trusts or the manner in which they would spend the money.

Now as proof of payments a letter from his banker Edmond De Rothschild, one of the controller families of the East India Company is placed on record. Here is the Rothschild Letter on behalf of their client Vijay Mallya to the Supreme Court that made $40 million of Indian taxpayers money vanish!

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