Zelensky And His Generals Embezzled ‘At Least’ $400m From U.S. Aid Last Year, According To Intel

According to veteran American journalist Seymour Hersh and intel, Zelensky and his generals embezzled ‘at least’ $400m from U.S. aid last year.

The Ukrainian authorities in Kiev have embezzled “$400 million last year, at least,” of U.S. taxpayers money, according to veteran American journalist, Seymour Hersh, who recently grabbed headlines for his long-read article describing how it was the government of the United States that blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.

Now, a new Substack by Hersh reveals explosive details of how U.S., UK, and European tax payer cash is being used to line the pockets of Ukranian politicians, including President Zelensky and his allies.

The money, according to Hersh and his sources, has been used to buy luxury cars and fund ostentatious lifestyles. Allegedly, the director of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, went so far as to present Zelensky personally with a list of “thirty-five generals and senior officials whose corruption was known to the CIA and others in the American government.”

Zelensky, claims Hersh, “publicly dismiss[ed] ten of the most ostentatious officials.”

More damning for the Ukrainian president, however, is the claim that, [t]he senior generals and government officials in Kiev were angry at what they saw as Zelensky’s greed, alleging that “he was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals.”

The Pentagon documents leak has been traced to users arguing over the war in Ukraine in closed video game chat groups hosted by Discord.

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