You Can Now Live In This Swiss City Solely On Bitcoin

As the use of bitcoin grows, more and more locations are vying to attract bitcoin businesses and individuals. One such place is Lugano, Switzerland, which has adopted bitcoin as a de facto legal tender and offers a wide range of merchants that accept the cryptocurrency. You can now live in this Swiss city solely on bitcoin.

You Can Now Live In This Swiss City Solely On Bitcoin

If you’ve been looking for a place to fully embrace the bitcoin lifestyle, Lugano Switzerland is the answer.

According to BTCCASEY of Bitcoin Magazine, The Plan ₿ foundation recently turned to Twitter to promote a new map that highlights the hundreds of establishments in the city that accept bitcoin. “Now you can live in Lugano just using Bitcoin!,” the tweet read. “Find out all you need to enjoy your stay in Lugano through the map with all Lugano’s Plan ₿ merchants.”

You Can Now Live In This Swiss City Solely On Bitcoin 2
A screenshot of the map posted.

Lugano has adopted bitcoin as a de facto legal tender as part of the city’s Plan ₿ initiative. This plan, developed in partnership with Tether, aims to draw in wealth, intelligent individuals, and opportunities to the city. The adoption of bitcoin as a legal tender in Lugano was announced in March 2022.

Then, in July 2022, the Plan ₿ Summer School was unveiled as a learning opportunity for people interested in learning more about bitcoin and enterprises. The school hosted knowledgeable speakers, such as Blockstream CEO Adam Back.

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Most recently, McDonald’s and a number of art galleries joined the list of establishments accepting bitcoin thanks to a partnership between the Plan ₿ foundation and GoCrypto. By the end of the year, the organization anticipated serving over 2,500 customers using bitcoin.

Today, The Plan ₿ foundation said on Twitter that both tourists and locals can “pay with Bitcoin for food, drinks, art, fashion, jewelry, cars, watches, tattoos, real-estate, municipal taxes, and services and so much more.”

The EU’s Markets in Crypto-Asset Rule (MiCA) regulation of the European Commission is one of the many attacks against bitcoin.

As the bitcoin ecosystem expands, different jurisdictions are competing to attract Bitcoiners and bitcoin businesses. This can be seen in places like Lugano and Madeira, as well as Bitcoin Beach and others. These developments, which are still in their early stages, serve as both a testing ground and a way to promote wider adoption and improvements in the use of bitcoin.

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