Woman Who Joined Dating App Sent January 6 Rioters’ Details To FBI

A woman named Caitlin Berg, who joined a conservative dating site, revealed that she sent details of January 6 rioters to the FBI and reported seven to eight guys.

A woman is claiming she was able to infiltrate a conservative-leaning dating app and ended up reporting several profiles to the FBI for saying they’d participated in the January 6 riots.

Ryann McEnany designed the ‘invite-only’ platform, called The Right Stuff, in an attempt to help ‘young conservatives‘ find ‘people that see the world the right way,’ after she said she noticed that other dating apps had ‘gone woke.’ 

Caitlin Berg, an ostensibly liberal woman on TikTok, said she ran a scam where she played a ‘yeehaw’d version’ of herself to get an invitation to use the app.

She said the goal was to talk to some of her Republican suitors about sex in an attempt to ‘scare them.’

Berg discovered something a little more nefarious: ”There were so many men on that app who were at January 6 and had pictures of it that I started screenshotting their profiles, matching, asking their last name, and then sending their information to the FBI,’ she said, in the end having reported ‘7 or 8 guys.’

The video has since gotten about 150,000 views on the platform and Berg has followed it up with an explainer of how she pulled it off. 

Many social media users made fun of the new dating service when it launched last October, after it was revealed that the app asked its users to share their thoughts on the January 6 Capitol riots in their profiles. 

Others even joked that someone would do exactly what Berg did, saying the FBI is going to use The Right Stuff to catch people who were involved in the Capitol riots. 

Berg went under a pseudonym, ‘Keightlynne Brandy,’ and sent an email to the company in order to get a referral code, playing on their sympathies as a supposed right winger in New York City. 

‘I just joined from NYC, but I don’t have any friends on the app and can’t get referred,’ her email to Right Stuff said. ‘As a new New Yorker, I would love the chance to meet like-minded individuals in such a liberal city.’ 

She was given a code and started to access the app within about 24 hours. 

Berg described the men on The Right Stuff as ‘rodents from the depths of hell,’ citing their answers to various prompts.

Eventually, she connected with men who had said in their profiles that they’d been at the Capitol on January 6 and ask them for an Instagram or LinkedIn account to prove they were real.

Rogers Roots, an attorney representing Dominic Pezzola, a Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach defendant, alleged that the FBI had committed crimes by altering evidence and requested that the court appoint a special master to review the evidence.

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