Why Should India Fight NATO’s War?

The West has bombarded India with practically everything they have in the last month, demanding that we participate in their war. But, Why should India, of all countries, fight in NATO’s war?

Why Should India Fight NATO's War

“What is India doing for European security?”

This was the direct question posed to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar at the Munich Security Conference last week.

There are numerous possible reactions, none of which are as courteous as the minister’s. Most importantly, are you serious? Does the West really want to ask such a question after 70 years of arming and supporting Pakistan? You simply turned your back on China and Covid.

You deflected as Chinese armies launched a savage invasion on India in the midst of a pandemic. And then you just left a massive cache of weapons, including attack helicopters and transports, in Afghanistan for the Taliban. Smaller versions of these weapons have already found their way into the clutches of terrorists in Kashmir.

And now you dare to inquire as to what we are doing to ensure your safety?

The West, on the other hand, is not joking. The West has bombarded us with practically everything they have in the last month, demanding that we participate in their war. Governments, think tanks, foreign policy experts, newspaper columnists, and even various comedians and internet celebrities are all part of the picture. They’re begging, threatening, they are hysterical. Let’s face it, India. You must denounce Russia or face the consequences.

Ambassadors from all EU nations gathered in Delhi the other day in a gesture of unity with Ukraine. Of course, that is their business, but why Delhi? Was there no other capital city on the planet that they could visit? It was just another pressure strategy against India.

Thus far, our government has stood firm in the face of adversity. India is also exploring a rupee payment mechanism with the objective of trying to guarantee that Russian banks and firms open accounts with state-run Indian banks in order to settle trade settlement. This entire scheme is for the purposes of establishing trade with Russia and to avoid sanctions.

And, according to most reports, the overwhelming number of Indians support the government on this issue. Should we damage relations with a long-time ally and the world’s largest arms supplier in order to appease the New York Times? There’s no way.

But the narrative doesn’t end there. We need to delve further into the West’s intentions. Why is there such a sudden emphasis on India? What difference would India’s condemnation of Russia end up making to the Western effort?

Let’s pretend for a moment that India chooses to please Washington. Or, as specialists at think tanks like to put it, decides to fight for “democracy and freedom.” Assume that our Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the most vehement condemnation of Russia’s activities in Ukraine. So, what’s next?

Will the Russians flee as soon as they see the Indian Army’s terrifying power? Will Russia and China crumple like wet tissue in the face of Indian sanctions? Will they begin to parade Indian flags through the streets of Kyiv? This is something I seriously doubt.

Why, then, is the West so eager to have us on board? One possibility is as follows. They aren’t looking for our assistance. They’re merely attempting to malign us.

They are completely aware of India’s needs and desires. They are well aware that New Delhi will not follow their lead and will not denounce Russia. That is why they drew a moral line in the sand and are screaming from the rooftops that India has crossed it. Who doesn’t want to be free? India. Who is in favor of aggression? India. Who is hypocritical and opposed to an international order based on rules? India.

And here’s the real meaning behind what they’re saying. Which country is deserving of no support from the rest of the world? India.

That was my error. It is not at all sub textual. In fact, they freely admit it. Indians are self-serving hypocrites. Because India will not stand up to Russia over Ukraine, the Indians deserve nothing from the rest of the world in their fight against China.

They are not, once again, requesting our assistance. They’re making up a pretext to stay out in the event of Chinese assault against India.

If a conflict arose between China and India tomorrow, the West would want to remain neutral. They would, of course. They couldn’t even convince themselves to give up the possibility to sell pricey watches and coats to Russian oligarchs while imposing sanctions on the country.

Moreover, the present President of the United States of America has billion dollars family deals with both the nations in question – Ukraine and China.

The US President’s son, Hunter Biden helped Chinese conglomerate buy world’s largest cobalt mine in a $3.8 billion deal. The purchase helped the Chinese company gain world’s largest deposit of precious metal used to make batteries for electric vehicles.

The coup in Myanmar led to huge internal arguments in the White House which inturn revealed the existence of a strong connection between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Bidens Adviser Team and how China used Harvard University as Joe Biden’s honeypot.

An intelligence report published by GreatGameIndia last year, exposed in depth how the Chinese intelligence cultivated the Biden family.

As a direct result of this elaborate influence operation China managed to steal America’s nuclear secrets.

And what the Indians forgot is, that as part of the operation, Joe Biden also blocked the sale of Russian Cryogenic rocket engine technology to India describing it as being “dangerous”.

Most of these deals are under investigation in the US. Recently, Devon Archer, a former partner of Hunter Biden, has been sent to prison for a securities fraud crime that was ruled too heinous to avoid jail time. Archer has attempted to challenge the verdict all the way to the United States Supreme Court, but has been unsuccessful.

Do you believe they’d be willing to forego trillions of dollars in commerce and their entire supply chains in order to make a point against China and in favor of India? Ha!

It would, however, be a horrible look for the West. The ostensibly democratic West is standing with China’s Communist Party tyranny against a democratically elected government of India.

What’s the best way out of this tangle? The solution is self-evident. On all fronts, demonize India. Go ahead and call India’s government genocidal. Of course, they do it behind the guise of “experts” and “civil society organizations.”

So they hire groups like Freedom House and Swedish V-Dem to say that India is no longer a democracy. They have the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to report that Indians despise freedom when conflict breaks out in Eastern Europe.

Of course, China enjoys this. They recognize that India’s moral authority stems from the fact that we are a democracy. China has only two options for countering this advantage. One, China may become a democracy, which the Communist Party clearly does not want. The only other alternative is to internationalize India’s vilification, such that it is perceived as a totalitarian and genocidal regime.

For the past eight years, the worldwide media, experts, and think tanks have all said the same thing. This narrative is necessary for the West to use against India. China requires this narrative to counter India. And it’s safe to assume that both are ready to pay. What a lovely coincidence that “experts” from all around the world have reached the same conclusion: India is bad.

Consider it in this perspective. Do you believe the West would have dedicated years condemning us if we were truly needed? When they thought Saddam Hussein, Pakistan’s military dictators, or even Osama bin Laden personally could aid them, they were eager to support them.

But what if India in 2022 is so cruel and unjust that Washington Post columnists have to shout out their conscience?

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