The WEF Wants To Hack Your Brain

During the WEF Annual Meeting 2023, the WEF focused on the weaponization of brain sciences and the vulnerabilities of the human brain, which suggest that they might want to hack your brain to militarise it.

The WEF Wants To Hack Your Brain 1

Brain hacking, hitherto a concept seen only in dystopian science fiction books, is now a reality. It appears that the elites in Davos are interested in using this technology to promote their dubious goals.

People in attendance at a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) session were informed that efforts to decode the human brain were already well underway. The presentation came five years after historian Yuval Noah Harari cautioned those at Davos that people may be completely hacked, as Tim Hinchcliffe, a man who has been warning about the WEF’s objectives for years, remarked. In a word, the scholar claims that we are living, breathing algorithms. At the moment, Harari’s vision was merely a frenzied fantasy. But now, this fantasy is becoming a reality.

The CEO of The Atlantic, Nicholas Thompson, presided over a panel titled “Ready for Brain Transparency?” during the WEF Annual Meeting 2023. An Orwellian-inspired film that portrayed a situation in which workers’ brainwaves were tracked and decoded introduced the session. Brainwaves were decoded to determine whether or not any individuals had engaged in illegal activity in addition to using the data collected to measure employee performance.

Following the film, Nita Farahany of Duke University, a specialist in the moral and legal ramifications of cutting-edge technology, informed the audience that there are already ways to decode brainwaves. She claimed that certain technologies already enable strong countries and organizations to “pick up and decode faces that you’re seeing in your mind—simple shapes, numbers, your PIN number to your bank account.”

“Artificial intelligence,” she continued, “has enabled advances in decoding brain activity in ways we never before thought possible.” All those thoughts and feelings bubbling around inside, added Farahany, are just pieces of data, adding that this data can be decoded using artificial intelligence (AI). Contrary to popular belief, devices used to decode this “data” needn’t be as invasive as Elon Musk’s neural implants. According to Farahany, devices used are more like Fitbits for the human brain. “We’re not talking about implanted devices of the future; I’m talking about wearable devices that are like Fitbits for your brain,” she concluded in a rather chirpy tone.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was at Davos on the same day as Farahany gave her presentation. Stoltenberg likely has similar knowledge of brain hacking to Farahany. NATO presided over a forum in 2021 looking at the “weaponization of brain sciences” and making use of “vulnerabilities of the human brain.” The conference was established to investigate “more sophisticated kinds of social engineering and control,” according to Project Censored, a group devoted to encouraging investigative journalism, increased media literacy, and critical thinking. This explains why NATO introduced the cognitive domain as a sixth level to its five operational domains (air, land, sea, space, and cyber) in the two years after the meeting.

Experts from Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins University examine the various ways in which the human mind should be viewed as a battlefield in a work that has been approved by NATO. They pointed out that cognitive warfare entails altering people’s conduct in addition to their thoughts. The article states that when cognitive warfare is used effectively, the aggressors “could conceivably subdue a society without resorting to outright force or coercion.” Cognitive warfare “shapes and influences individual and group beliefs and behaviours to favor an aggressor’s tactical or strategic objectives.” It’s crucial to bear in mind that NATO exists to protect us. This goal seems to be shifting.

This is the era of information warfare’s pinnacle, from the creation of the coronavirus to allegations of Russian cooperation. But the era of the golden age, with its emphasis on media dominance, is already changing. In a paper published last year, the academics Tzu-Chieh Hung and Tzu-Wei Hung outlined how cognitive warfare goes beyond just controlling the media to explicitly controlling the brain. Both “mass communication strategies” and “neurological resources” are intended to be weaponized in cognitive warfare. Cognitive warfare, in contrast to information warfare, places equal emphasis on the input and output of information (that is, our behaviors).

Last year the National Institutes of Health (NIH) increased funding for an ongoing study that began eight years ago with the launch of its “BRAIN 2.0” initiative, which is investigating brain manipulation and rewriting history. 

To read the foregoing and have a great feeling of dismay, one does not need to be a card-carrying member of QAnon. Brain hacking discussions are directly out of communist China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is already employing cognitive warfare to conquer its opponents. The unelected globalists in Davos and Brussels, the location of NATO’s headquarters, may soon utilize the same technology to enslave us.

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