What Is A Vacuum Bomb That Ukraine Claims Russia Used During The Attack

Concerns over Russia’s use of thermobaric weaponry has grown when the Ukrainian envoy to the US said that a vacuum bomb – another moniker for the weapon – was used during the invasion. The ‘vacuum bomb’ ignites a fireball that sucks in all surrounding oxygen.

What Is A Vacuum Bomb That Ukraine Claims Russia Used During The Attack

Thermobaric Weapons

Although videos from Ukraine shows thermobaric rocket launchers on Russia’s TOS-1 vehicles, the employment of such weapons, which pull oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere to cause a high-temperature explosion, is still to be reliably authenticated.

Although it was unclear whether they had been used by Russia in Ukraine yet, Dr Marcus Hellyer, senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said it was just “a matter of time.”

How Vacuum Bomb Works?

The thermobaric weapon or a Vacuum Bomb is a two-stage munition commonly dubbed as an aerosol bomb or fuel air explosive.

The first-stage charge disperses an aerosol composed of extremely thin particles, ranging from carbon-based fuel to microscopic metal particles. A second charge burns the cloud, resulting in a fireball, a massive shock wave, and a vacuum as it absorbs all of the oxygen in the area.

The explosion wave is capable of vaporising human bodies and can persist far longer than a conventional bomb.

These weapons exist in a variety of sizes and are utilized for a number of purposes. According to Hellyer, Russia may use them in Ukraine as “bunker-busters” to eliminate defensive fortifications. Versions that are extremely huge and thrown from the air are geared to demolish caves and tunnel networks.

Where have Vacuum Bombs been used?

Since the 1960s, Russian and Western troops have employed the bombs. In its efforts to destroy al-Qaida in Afghanistan’s highlands, the US depended on them. Russia, according to Hellyer, has a better track record with them than the West. “Russia has systems right across the spectrum … from quite small tactical weapons, to huge, air-launched bombs.

“The separatists that Russia was supporting in the Donbas region, they have been using them for a number of years now.”

Human Rights Watch condemned Russia’s alleged use of the weapons in Chechnya a year earlier “a dangerous escalation” with “important humanitarian implications” in 2000.

How dangerous are Vacuum Bombs?

Thermobaric weapons, according to Hellyer, are effective for their “specific purpose” of “primarily destroying defensive positions.” They wouldn’t pierce a tank, but they may be a “very destructive weapon” against some housing complex as well as other structure.

“They are not illegal even though their effects can be pretty horrific, because of that effect of creating a vacuum and sucking the air out of the lungs of defenders,” he said.

Hellyer predicted that more thermobaric warfare would be used in Ukraine because its usage is “pretty standard” in Russian strategies.

“One of the things we know about Russian tactics is that they are willing to destroy everything.

“It’s clear that the Ukrainians are hunkering down in some of the cities … as that continues the Russians are going to resort more and more to using … whatever weapons they have including thermobaric weapons in built-up urban areas.”

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  1. I thought this website could see through propaganda, especially with all the credible work on covid and other NWO agendas. But, to see you parroting the same main stream media who have given us only falsehoods, I cant articulate how disappointed I am. If you are now siding with the MSM, WEF, NATO, George Soros, Hillary Clinton etc etc who are all pro Ukraine, then you need to take a look at yourself.

    For 25 years, Russia has been pleading for NATO not to expand towards Russia. Since 2014 after euromaidan, thousands of ethnic russians in luhansk and donetsk have been killed, raped, shot and bombed by the ukrainian army, i have not seen a single article from this website on it. Neither have you covered the 13 biolabs, controlled exclusively by the USA in ukranian soil, performing experiments in chemical warfare on the borders of Russia.

    Your website is just another tool, another controlled opposition. I regret i ever visited or recommended your website to someone else. This is the last time i ever visit your website and will ask everyone else to do the same.

  2. Harvender Singh has raised some important and reasonable issues in his comment. It is required that Great Game step up and answer to them. Where are we going? Where are we going to end up? Can everyone be bought? Step up!

  3. Harvinder is absolutely correct in what he has said. If you report both sides of the story be assured that wise readers will not construe it as ” revenge” but actual justice and not merely judgement or decision.
    So….buck up and show the readers what honesty really means.

  4. Hmm sounds just like the napalm that US used in Vietnam and elsewhere. Pot meet kettle.
    As with anything else msm (and now you gouys) say, prove it.

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