Vaccinated People Are Majority of COVID Cases, Hospitalizations, And Deaths in Australian State

Vaccinated people account for the majority of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in an Australian state. People who had two vaccinations accounted for roughly three-quarters of ICU patients and COVID deaths.

Vaccinated People Are Majority of COVID Cases, Hospitalizations, And Deaths in Australian State

The great majority of COVID-19 infections and deaths in Australia’s biggest state are caused by vaccinated individuals, fueling the highest spike in New South Wales ever since virus’s emergence.

According to the New South Wales Department of Health’s (NSW Health) most recent COVID monitoring report, a record surge in cases since the introduction of Omicron late last year has been mainly related to the vaccinated.

Between November 26, 2021 and January 8, 2022, almost 90% of people in the state that screened positive for coronavirus and had a known vaccination status received “two effective doses” of a COVID vaccine. Individuals with “two effective doses” have got a second jab “at least 14 days prior to known exposure to COVID-19 or arrival in Australia,” according to NSW Health.

When children under the age of 12 were excluded because they are ineligible for the immunizations, double-vaccinated adults accounted for an astounding 98 percent of cases with documented vaccination status. The unvaccinated, on the other hand, accounted for less than 1% of instances.

The unvaccinated are classified as having “no effective dose” by NSW Health, which even encompasses anybody who received the very first dosage of a two-dose vaccination regimen within 21 days after COVID contact or entry in Australia.

Pandemic of the vaccinated

Across the same time frame, the double-jabbed monopolised New South Wales’ rising COVID-19 hospitalizations and fatalities.

Amongst individuals hospitalised for the virus that had a vaccination history, 82 percent had gotten two doses – or 87 percent if children who were ineligible for immunisation were excluded.

People who had two vaccinations accounted for roughly three-quarters of ICU patients and COVID deaths.

As of late November, 91.5 percent of individuals aged 12 and over were “fully vaccinated” in New South Wales. Despite this, infections in Western Australia have soared to historic levels in over the last week, owing to a record amount of breakthrough infections.

According to NSW Health, COVID cases and hospitalizations have surpassed prior high from September 2021 and nearly doubled in the week ending January 8 compared to the previous week.

Before majority of Australians became “fully vaccinated,” the state observed a seven-day average of roughly 1,400 infections during the peak of the Delta wave in September. Daily instances reached at almost 90,000 in early January.

According to Our World in Data, the number of Coronavirus fatalities in New South Wales has also increased from January 8, with an average of 40 per day now, up from approximately one at the end of December.

Considering the overwhelming indications that the vaccines are faltering, New South Wales continues to demand health care personnel, teachers, airport workers, and senior care staff to be “fully vaccinated.”

COVID-19 is still curable and survivable for the vast majority of people who contract it, according to NSW Health data. Between November 26 and January 8, 99.4 percent of unvaccinated patients aged 12 and up who screened positive for COVID in New South Wales did not die. Unvaccinated youngsters under the age of 18 have a mortality rate of less than .1%.

“Since the start of the pandemic, 0.2% of cases (738 people) have died,” NSW Health noted. “This includes 122 residents of aged care facilities.”

The vaccinated pandemic in New South Wales matches comparable COVID patterns in Europe, wherein recent data from Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Iceland show increased infection rates amongst vaccinated individuals.

According to the U.K. Health Security Agency, unvaccinated people exhibit fewer infection numbers than double-vaccinated people throughout all age categories older than 18 in the U.K. as of late January. The vaccinated also outnumbered the unvaccinated by approximately five to one in British COVID fatalities previous month.

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  1. 90% population vaccinated
    90 people vaccinated – 1% have breakthrough infection = 9 people infected
    10 people unvaccinated 80% infected = 8 people infected
    more people infected in vaccinated people

  2. 90% population vaccinated
    90 people vaccinated – 10% have breakthrough infection = 9 people infected
    10 people unvaccinated 80% infected = 8 people infected
    more people infected in vaccinated people
    Sorry my mistake

  3. As the vaccinated get sicker and sicker, I have to wonder how long they can keep this hidden from the masses? Sure, they have a powerful media machine that controls how a lot of people think. And they’ve been successful at getting a majority to believe a lot of their lies.

    But at some point the elephant in the room is going to get so big that even their media lackeys won’t be able to ignore it. When that happens my assumption is they have another card in their hand ready to play. War? Economic collapse? Alien invasion??? (Hey, I know that last one is crazy, but for the last few years they’ve sure been pushing the UFO/alien stories, which is suspicious.)

  4. Getting the vaccine is like hiring a security company that will maybe sometimes stop one certain crook from getting into your home, but then they give the keys to your home to every other crook on the planet. In order for the vaccine to get into your cell, your immune system must be turned off. While this does accomplish the objective of granting access to your cells for the vaccine, there is no talk of turning the immune system back on. So once it is turned off, all the other pathogens have free access to your body. Don’t worry about the symptoms, no immune system = no symptoms. All the bothersome things like fever (which is your body killing the pathogen with heat) and runny nose & sneezing (which is your body ejecting the pathogen) will be gone or greatly reduced. Oh you will still be infected but you just will not notice it as much. This means you will not be able to get the help you need in a timely manner and therefore will be much more likely to die. How very lovely of the bates-fauci team to take care of the planet by killing off tons of pesky humans. Since they are so pro vaccine and anti-human maybe they could vaccinate themselves into oblivion. It is not that we have too many humans, we have too many greedy moguls that would rather turn a buck than make things better by getting rid of plastics and toxic farming methods. I hope they have good concession stands in hell so the bates-fauci team can spend all their ill-gotten gains. Oh wait…what?? Can’t take it with you? lol

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