COVID Deaths 5 Times Higher In Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated As Per Haryana Health Department

The number of vaccinated deaths is significantly higher than that of the non-vaccinated, according to Haryana Health Department, India. Headlines like this one have been making a widespread appearance all over the world and it is quite baffling to see the circumstances.

COVID Deaths 5 Times Higher In Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated As Per Haryana Health Department

Since January 1 this year, more than 155 individuals have perished in Haryana as a result of Covid-19, bringing the total death toll in the state to 10,237 since the start of the pandemic. The rate for this year equates to approximately six deaths per day.

According to the state health department’s preliminary data, the mortality rate of immunized patients is 5 fold that of non-vaccinated patients in this year’s fatalities, reports The Indian Express.

Officials from the state health department warned that the continuous proliferation of the Omicron strain should not be treated casually, and that people should closely follow the Covid-19 prevention SOPs.

131 of the 155 patients who died this year as a result of Covid-19 had numerous comorbidities. At least seven patients had not been immunized, whereas 34 had been. Officials from the state’s health department’s Integrated Disease Surveillance Program are still looking into the immunization status of the remaining 114 fatalities so far this year.

As of January 27, the cumulative death rate attributable to Covid-19 in Haryana was 1.10 percent.

Although the state’s daily positivity rate has begun to decline, a comparison of the first and second waves found that it was still much below the peak reached during the second wave. Whereas the highest daily positive rate (during the first wave) was 16.36 percent on November 16, 2020, it peaked at 30.51 percent on May 5, 2021 (during the second wave). On January 27 of this year, the daily positivity rate was 17.87 percent.

The largest amount of positive cases found in a single day (during the first wave) reached 3,104 on November 20, 2022; during the second wave, it peaked at 15,786 on May 4, 2021. The overall number of daily identified positive cases was 5,770 on January 27, 2022.

Gurgaon continues to be the worst-affected city in the latest surge of new infections, with 17,389 cases, trailed by 6,618 in Faridabad, 3,421 in Panchkula, 3,219 in Sonipat, 2,693 in Ambala, and 2,414 in Hisar.

Sonipat has the highest average daily positivity rate at 30.18 percent, followed by Panchkula at 28.29 percent, Nuh at 26.01 percent, Hisar at 25.54 percent, Panipat at 25.47 percent, Gurgaon at 24.97 percent, Kurukshetra at 22.37 percent, and Faridabad at 22.37 percent (22.14 per cent). Each one of Haryana’s remaining regions showed an average daily positive rate of less than 20%.

Trying to compare the first two waves with the current one, the aggregate positivity rate was 6.85 percent during the first wave’s peak (November 20, 2020), 7.17 percent during the second wave’s peak (May 4, 2021), and 5.92 percent on January 26, 2022.

Likewise, during the height of the very first wave, the accumulated fatality rate was 1.01 percent, 0.88 percent during the peak of the second wave, and 1.10 percent on January 26, 2022.

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  1. It is so sad that the trusting souls that actually thought they are doing the right thing in getting the fauxinne and now they are sick and dying. It’s a tragic day in our history when people are dying in large numbers all because some moronic moguls think they need more ….more money …more power. One thing is for sure, they can not get any more corrupt or any more idiotic. Truly intelligent persons are advanced to the point that they can be both decent and prosperous. It takes a real bunch of losers to take this low road to prosperity. It is a road paved with misery and can not possibly lead anywhere good. If they were really 1/2 as intelligent as they all think they are they would know this.

  2. they have been coerced and fooled into injecting themselves by the media and government, we must fight back for this crimes against Humans, its either them or us, they dont want the best for us, its time to put an end to this, lets poison them now.

  3. Read the full report from the Indian Express. They are nowhere near investigating the vaccine status of all the dead. They have only counted 40 or so. There were over 100 deaths in total. Let’s not give the vaccine zealots bullets to discredit us.

  4. So this is an incomplete report to bolster head lines from someone. IT also doesn’t mean the vaccine gave them COVID it means it didn’t help with the strain they got.

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