How Much Land Does The US Military Control In Each State

Data from the Department of Defense has shown how much land the US military controls in each state, with the Army in charge of 51% of the DoD’s land.

How Much Land Does The US Military Control In Each State 1

The amount of money the US spends on its military is unmatched; it is over $778 billion each year.

The U.S. military also owns, leases, or manages an impressive real estate portfolio with buildings worth at $749 billion and a land area of 26.9 million acres, of which almost 98 percent is situated in the United States.

This image shows how much of each state the U.S. military owns, leases, or uses based on data (pdf below) provided by the Department of Defense (DoD).

The Department of Defense defines a military site as a specific geographical location with unique land parcels or facilities designated to it. This map illustrates the portion of a state that is made up of military sites. The DoD controls the area because it is leased to, controlled by, or otherwise related to it.

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How Much Land Does The US Military Control In Each State 2

What is Military Land Used For?

The DoD, the larger government department under which the military is housed, operates on more than 26 million acres of land in the United States.

The U.S. military is separated into four main branches for further clarity:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps

The Coast Guard, the National Guard, and the Space Force are also present here. However, the Army, which is the largest arm of the military, receives the lion’s share of the land.

In addition to housing and training soldiers, military stations are also used for conducting research, testing weapons and equipment, and managing active operations. The square footage is actually devoted largely to family housing.

As an example, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, one of the most well-known U.S. More than 260,000 people, including the families of soldiers, live on army posts. The base, which resembles a small city, is the biggest in the United States. Army installation with about 14,000 civilian personnel and 53,700 soldiers—nearly 10% of the Army.

Which States Have the Biggest Military Presence?

The top 10 sites, which account for the majority of the largest sites, collectively encompass an astounding 13,927,470 acres, more than ten separate states, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

Here are the top 10 states’ military bases’ size and the percentage of each state’s land they occupy:

How Much Land Does The US Military Control In Each State 3

5.6 percent of Hawaii is occupied by the armed forces. Oahu’s famous Pearl Harbor, which houses both the Navy and the Air Force, is still a functioning base.

There are roughly 18 distinct sites in the city of Washington, D.C., with the military owning or operating on 3.9 percent of the small district.

Southwest America is where the DoD has the majority of its land. The ability to test incredibly destructive weapons in these states without endangering anyone is one of their key advantages. The nation’s largest military installation, the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, is where the atomic bomb was first set off in the middle of nowhere.

The Army branch, which has more than 415,000 active members, is responsible for nearly all of the largest military sites. Here is a look at the population breakdown of the American military:

  • Active Duty:
    • Army: 415,967
    • Navy: 304,118
    • Marine Corps: 146,728
    • Air Force (also includes Space Force): 273,983
    • Coast Guard: 38,829
  • Reserves: 438,645

The military represents a large number of jobs in addition to the soldiers that are stationed around the states. Nearly 2.9 million jobs are provided by the DoD to military civilian roles from active service personnel both domestically and abroad. For instance, the military supports nearly 62,000 civilian jobs in California.

U.S. Military Presence Beyond its Borders

The military leases and controls a whopping 26.9 million acres worldwide, which is a significant amount of land. The Army is in charge of 51% of the DoD’s land, while the Air Force is in charge of 32%.

Outside of the United States, the DoD owns military land in 8 territories and 45 other nations. Here is a list of the location of the majority of American bases abroad:

  •  Germany: 194 sites
  •  Japan: 121 sites
  •  South Korea: 83 sites

The United States has a small number of permanent forces in areas where there are active hostilities. There are 23 permanently stationed active duty soldiers in Ukraine at all times. There are 41 American soldiers on active duty in Russia. However, due to the conflict in Ukraine, President Joe Biden suddenly stated that he will enhance American military involvement in Europe.

Read the data given below:

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