US Freezes $9.4 Billion Of Afghanistan Central Bank Reserves

After the humiliating exit of American troops, the US Treasury has frozen $9.4 billion of Afghanistan‘s Central Bank reserves.

US Freezes $9.4 Billion Of Afghanistan Central Bank Reserves

The Taliban’s declaration that it had taken control of Afghanistan on Monday put central bank watchers around the world on alert.

The nation’s central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank, held $9.4 billion in international reserves as of April, according to the International Monetary Fund.

International observers are concerned about what the Taliban would do with the funds if it got its hands on the central bank’s assets.

“The vast majority of the Afghan Central Bank assets are not currently held in Afghanistan,” a person familiar with the matter tells Axios.

  • “Any Central Bank assets the Afghan government have in the United States will not be made available to the Taliban,” an administration official tells Axios.

Central banks usually hold reserves in gold or a widely held currency like the U.S. dollar. These reserves are used for transactions among central banks.

With NATO forces out of Afghanistan, the Russians will largely provide security in the region and China will be exploring the possibility of restructuring Afghanistan’s supply and trade chains after twenty years of war.

Although several potential routes exist along the Wakhan Corridor and via Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, here is why China is planning to link CPEC to Afghanistan.

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  1. The US Treasury has “freezed” $9.4 billion should read The US Treasury has “frozen” $9.4 billion – correct diction goes a long way in selling news.

  2. Now the Afghans will have to take money from China, who the Luciferian Bankers want to take over now as the world power=model of a prison system as a nation of the NWO. The Banks refused to loan more war money to the USA and want the USA to default on all its debts=beginning 2/20/22 the USA had a few too many wars than they could afford=as planned by the OWO. The Muslims will kill off the Christians and the Chinese will kill off the Muslims and then China has more land which it needs because it has too much Poop, so much they have to take it out to sea and dump it there. Now Afghanistan will be their toilet/throne of the Antichrist. China is into hoarding rare Earths, which the Afghans have much of, not to mention opium. China and Russia satanic nations want to run the entire world. the USA is so debt ridden (the plan all along) they can’t afford ww3. The world Luciferian, demonic, baby eating, torturing, adrenochrome swilling, bankers of the OWO, want the USA to be crushed, all freedom crushed and will laugh sadistically that the USA was so stupid to self-destruct via endless wars. Don’t you know by now all money systems are the devil=the religion of the devils=satanism, call it capitalism or communism or socialism a rose by any other name is still a rose, all money comes from satan’s butt hole and destroys life and souls. No good has ever come from it, only wars and destruction of the environment and all human decency. Money costs you everything God created you for=evolution higher. It makes you devolve, there is no purpose in that. No reason for life to go on. Into the dustbin of Hell is where you are all going, except for those who choose God as their God reject money, and who do not abuse or eat animals, but love them and care for them and protect them. Yes, many Jains and all those like minded will survive and continue to the next age the age of truth.

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