Ukraine Conflict Could End Western Hegemony

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, sanctions are ineffective and the West cannot prevail militarily in Ukraine. He issued a warning that the Ukraine conflict could end Western hegemony.

Ukraine Conflict Could End Western Hegemony

According to Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary, the bloody conflict in Ukraine has the ability to “demonstratively” terminate Western hegemony in the world.

In a conversation with the German online publication Tichys Einblick that was published on Thursday, Orban stated that he anticipates the European Union will come out of the conflict in Ukraine weaker than before.

The Hungarian leader claimed that sanctions put in place by the West against Moscow have failed to destabilize Russia and that the West is unable to win the war militarily. He claimed that the EU’s punitive tactics have spectacularly backfired, making the situation worse.

Orban added that it is evident that “a large part of the world” is not siding with the US on the Ukrainian issue. As regions that do not support the Western position on the issue, he listed “the Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, South Africa, the Arab world, Africa.”

“It is quite possible that it will be this war that will demonstratively put an end to Western supremacy,” Orban said.

On the flip side, he said that non-EU nations, such as Russia, which “has its own energy sources,” are already profiting from the scenario.

The premier pointed out that while Russia’s energy exports to the EU have drastically decreased, the country’s dominant state-owned gas company, Gazprom, has witnessed a massive increase in earnings.

Orban asserted that Beijing is now doing better than it was before the issue began. Apparently referring to the oil market, he said that China was once “at the mercy of the Arabs,” but not any longer.

The “big American corporations” are said to be the other winners in the eyes of the Hungarian prime minister. Orban used the earnings of Exxon, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips as evidence, citing increases of 2x, 4x, and 6x respectively.

Hungary has adopted a neutral stance since the start of the crisis by neither arming either side or making any critical remarks about Moscow or Kiev, while also maintaining EU sanctions against Russia.

Budapest has reiterated that it would not be drawn into the conflict and that it cannot endanger the safety of Hungarians.

Additionally, Orban and other prominent Hungarian figures have frequently opposed certain EU sanctions, asserting that they hurt the EU more so than they hurt Russia.

Hungary had a direct argument with the EU’s top brass in May over an oil embargo on Russia. Only after carving out an exemption for the fuel transported via pipelines did Budapest lift its veto.

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