Justin Trudeau Dissolves Parliament Over Vaccines And Calls For Snap Election

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has dissolved the parliament and called a snap election, gambling that voters will reward his handing of the coronavirus pandemic with a parliamentary majority as he pulls the plug on a two-year minority government.

Justin Trudeau Dissolves Parliament Over Vaccines And Calls For Snap Election

Justin Trudeau launched Canadians into an election campaign Sunday that on the surface gives voters a choice between competing visions for a post-pandemic Canada.

But Trudeau also used his Day 1 words to shape the campaign’s subtext. Canada’s election, the Liberal leader suggested, could hinge on the philosophical clash between the vaccinated and the vaccine reluctant, reported Politico.

“We chose to make sure that federal public servants and everyone boarding a train or a plane be vaccinated. Not everyone agrees. Not every political party agrees,” Trudeau told reporters outside the front doors of Rideau Hall, where Governor General Mary Simon accepted his request to dissolve Parliament.

Conservative David Yurdiga, first elected to the House of Commons in 2014, made national headlines late last week for his criticism of the Trudeau government’s plan to make vaccinations compulsory for federally regulated workers.

“Mandating the vaccine as a requirement to work would be the beginning of a slippery slope,” Yurdiga said in a statement quoted by many media outlets.

“It is our job to stand up against this tyrannical idea that forces discrimination based on what Canadians choose to do with their bodies.”

Meanwhile, a legal group in Canada has sued the federal Canadian government against the COVID-19 travel rule which is being used to quarantine citizens forcefully at secret locations.

Recently, the Canadian parliament erupted over a heated debate regarding the cover-up of Chinese spies stealing coronavirus from the Winnipeg based BSL-4 lab to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

The Chinese espionage story was first reported by GreatGameIndia in Jan, 2020, for which we are being actively targeted by the NATO’s war propaganda arm – the Atlantic Council.

The president of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was given until the end of the week to explain why two Canadian government scientists were let go 18 months after being escorted from Canada’s only Level 4 laboratory.

After over a year, Canadian authorities have released censored documents on deadly viruses stolen from Winnipeg to the Wuhan lab.

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  1. I live in Ottawa. Like his legal father Pierre, Justin Trudeau is mentally disturbed. He cannot think for himself nor has he any sense of morality. It is feared that Dominion will pervert the Canadian election as it did the US.
    Nonetheless; we put all the blame on the pedophiles in the Church of Rome.

  2. All the main parties, Liberals, Conservatives, New Democratic and Greens, pretty much agree on the larger outlines of a process facilitating the fast unfolding of the Vaccine Holocaust. We lack honest representation in a thoroughly corrupted House of Commons. Canadians who disagree with the rush into tyranny and mandatory kill shots have no where to turn to be genuinely represented. Canadian Parliamentary Democracy has pretty much been ruined. The same is true in many countries. It started with the Israel Lobby using its vast wealth, media ownership and blackmail capacities to impose on all parties identical positions concerning the imperative of Israel to repress the Palestinians without any accountability. In the world we presently inhabit many billions are being Palestinianized by the ruling oligarchy. We are being presented a dichotomy with mandatory kill shots on the one hand or the inability to provide safety and security for our families on the other.

  3. Mr. Hall, you said it all! Sept. 11 turned all Arabs and Muslims into potential terrorists and the enemies of Judeo- Christian West, serving the purpose of the Zionist regime. Now, those opposing the Covid tyranny are considered by the US DHS as terrorist threats.
    But the Israelis are also being Palestinianized (great term!) by the Zionist regime’s mandatory kill shot program. Take a look at the reporting of Alex Berenson -https://twitter.com/alexberenson

  4. Thanks Mike Robeson. I’m pleased to find a fellow analytic traveller. All our elections have become ridiculous parodies of self-determination. The Zionist media no longer allows us the basis for “informed consent”on anything.

  5. I never thought it would lead to this ,mandatory injections for government employees .The next step is going to be for everyone .Remember 3 weeks to flatten the curve ? They knew what the program was all the way back to the preparations they made at event 201 in October of 2019 ,organized primarily by you guessed it ,the microsoft wonder .We are the frogs in the pot of water as they slowly ratchet up the heat .

  6. Trudeau is a bastard love child of Castro’s-look into it.Are the Chinese pilots still in Red Deer???Trudeau is a traitor to you normal Canadians.He is a meatpuppet of the cabal-Soros,R.child,Gates,etc.Be careful and watch Stew Peters Show.Alberta man beats Ontario healthdeot. Nazis and your Reptilianwueen in court.He defended himself against insane fake scamdemic fines.Stew peters.Peace!! 🙂

  7. True!Rothschild started buting land in Palestine in the 1880’s,Surprise!His pioneering commune residents revolted after a short time because he was a tyrant!!Supposedly Rothschild member gave interview fairly recently saying Israel is R.child playground and is site of huge wealth via evaporated rare earths and metals?Dont jnow about that,but most who live in Israel are Kazharian fakehews,NOT SEMITES WHO LIVE G.D AND FOLLWED TORAH AND MOSES.henrymakow.com is a treasuretrove of insight into the true history of Hews vs.fake evil jews.Palestinians and Yemeni Jews are Semites.Also,Israel attacked The U.S.S. Liberty.Research this.Numerous witnesses on the boat.When this was related to topmen in d.c.,0 was done!!Israel has supposedly made secret deals with Iran and China recently,mmmmmmmmm????Patriots4Truth.o,Medicalveritas.o,whatreallyhappened.com,Theorionlines.org,ICANN.o,Vaccineimpacts.org,Thenewabnormal.wordpress.com,Truthbitsblog.com,Andweknow.com,Briteon.c,Experimentalvaccines.org,Stopthecrimes.org,Corporaterapsheet.o,coreydiggs.com,citizenwells.c,steverotter.c,Disclosetv.net,Brandnewtube.c,Freedomtube.com,Thecrowhouse.com,Redpilluniversity.com,Theinformedamerican.org,Thecamelotprojectportal.org/Oddyssee.com,Childrenshealthdefensefund.org.

  8. Not up to them.Are we not capable of researching,observing,tracking,analyzing,discussing?Do we not have eyes and ears?Can we not start newsletters offline,private clubs,newspapers,etc.?Watch the watchers.Record everyrhing.Become a private investigator to gain access to restricted databases,etc.Coreydiggs.com,Littlesis.org,Corporaterapsheet.org.Government Sunshine Act,Foia,Open Meetings laws,Constitution,law,patent search,copyright search,legalcase search,S.E.C filings.Justia.org and many other means to find information.Learn this!

  9. “the Liberal leader suggested, could hinge on the philosophical clash between the vaccinated and the vaccine reluctant, reported Politico.”

    the Liberal leader suggested, could hinge on the scientific data facts clash between the vaccinated and the vaccine reluctant, reported Politico.

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