The Traditional Indian Game Looking for Worldwide Popularity

Many countries from around the world have traditional games which have been played for hundreds of years and passed down to new family members from their elder relatives. India is no different with this, and the biggest traditional Indian game is Teen Patti, a game that has been played by many generations of many families around the country.

Traditionally, this is a game played with friends, family members and anyone else you know locally, with players getting together to play at gatherings which are organised from time to time. That has changed though, and those who wish to get involved can now play Teen Patti online as the game is available to play with many casinos.

This has been great for the Indian market because players who already play the game can now play it more often if they wish, because they no longer have to rely on a meet up to play the game. It has also helped those who want to play, but have no one to play with, because their family and friends do not play the game, these people can now play online against whoever else is inside the same casino at the time.

However, online play does not just help the Indian market, it also opens the game up to players who are outside of India. The game is also played in some other Asian countries, but not too many, and it is certainly not played anywhere in Europe or America.

Could that be about the change thanks to the world of online gaming?

How Online Gaming Can Open the Door for Teen Patti

As things stand at the moment, Teen Patti is not available online in every country, so there is not even a chance for people to see it. However, the fact that this game is now available online means that if anyone ever wanted to show the rest of the world Teen Patti, they could.

Gone are the days when this game was one of the best kept secrets in India, now the game is sitting there, and one day could potentially be opened up to the rest of the world. If casino companies decide to offer this game to their players elsewhere, away from Asia, then it is likely that there would be a group of players that would love the game and want more.

Why Would Teen Patti Appeal?

The biggest reason why Teen Patti would appeal is because of the links that the game has with poker. If you look at the card games already available around the world then poker is one of the most popular out there. However, there are some people who find poker a little too complicated, and they either continue to play and struggle, or they decide to not bother playing at all.

Teen Patti is often described as a simplified version of poker, and the perfect game to play for those who are looking to begin playing poker. The winning hands that you put together to win a game of Teen Patti are very similar to those you put together to win poker, so understanding things such as hand ranking is identical in both games.

Even if the game did nothing else and just decided to use poker and the fact that it is a simple version of poker to attract players, it would likely do very well. People around the world don’t know about Teen Patti right now, but if they did, the game would surely become very popular with players, both online and offline. 

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