The Perfect Man And Woman According To AI

The Bulimia Project, an eating disorder awareness group, asked an AI to produce the perfect man and woman.

Gentlemen do truly prefer blondes, and ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ are the features of an ideal man.

This is according to artificial intelligence tools that learn from the billions of images on social media sites depicting beautiful people.

The Bulimia Project, an eating disorder awareness group, asked AI to produce the ‘perfect’ male and female bodies, according to what gets most engagement on social media. 

Researchers from the organization found that the most desirable women had blonde hair, olive skin, brown eyes, and slim figures, while the ‘perfect’ male had dark, smoldering eyes, chiseled cheekbones and defined muscles.

Most of the AI results appeared to play up outdated standards of beauty – caucasian yet tanned, slim yet muscular, and overwhelmingly blonde – which hints at the tool’s implicit biases. 

A majority of images generated showed blonde women with toned, slim bodies and tanned skin
Most images of the ‘perfect’ male showed men with dark hair and eyes and olive-toned skin as well as toned muscles and chiseled jawlines

The Bulimia Project tested Artificial Intelligence image generators, including Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, to reveal what the programs’ idea of the ‘perfect’ physique looks like in women and men. 

The AI works by scouring the internet for images that already exist and designing a new image based on those results.

Because they don’t show their working it is unclear exactly how they came to their results.

But they are thought to take into consideration interactions with photos uploaded to social media, including likes and comments, as well as internet searches.

Nearly 40 percent of the images showing ‘perfect’ women were blonde, 30 percent had brown eyes, and over half had olive skin.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said during its evolution and use, AI will become better at understanding human language, interacting, and being more user-friendly in the future, making computers true servants of humans. 

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