Xi Jinping

Xi Credited With San Francisco Homeless Cleanup

Xi has been credited with the San Francisco Homeless Cleanup because, due to his arrival at this week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ summit, the administration in San Francisco has decided to clean house and take action against the city’s infamous homelessness. Critics claim that the Democratic-led municipal administration in

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Russia’s Ultimate Goal For War In Ukraine

Many observers speculate that Putin invaded Ukraine because he wanted to prevent NATO from expanding to Russia’s border. He felt increasingly threatened by a Ukrainian government formed in the aftermath of a 2014 Obama-backed coup. It is highly unlikely that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine without first receiving the approval of

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German Intelligence - Xi Jinping Asked WHO To Coverup Coronavirus

German Intelligence – Xi Jinping Asked WHO To Coverup Coronavirus

According to a phone call intercepted by German Intelligence, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked WHO to coverup Coronavirus by asking the Director Dr Tedros to withhold information about a person-to-person transmission of Coronavirus and to delay a pandemic warning. EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus Bioweapon – How China Stole Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponized It

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