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India's External Affairs Minister, Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, has clarified that Ukraine President Zelensky has not been given a G20 invitation. Subrahmanyam Jaishanker, Minister of Foreign Affairs of India ©  RODGER BOSCH / AFP
Crimean Governor Sergey Aksyonov announced on Telegram that a penthouse belonging to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will be seized. The Crimean parliament has unanimously voted to nationalize the assets of Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians...
The 'Defense of Ukraine' program at the military-patriotic center for schoolchildren in Lviv is now being criticized as Zelensky indoctrinating children to go to war. Only two months ago the mainstream media widely circulated...
According to a knowledgeable American intelligence official, Zelensky is secretly buying fuel from Putin with U.S. taxpayer funds.
A continually unhinged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has spent the past year trying to draw NATO powers into direct conflict with Russia, and he has yet to achieve success, despite many attempts to do so. While the rhetoric between D.C., Brussels, and Moscow has certainly become more fiery, the kinetic pieces on the geopolitical chessboard have remained steadily in place, because the major parties to the conflict do not want to witness World War III breaking out.
Congress is prepared to push through an additional $12 billion just one day after Zelensky complained. Now, Zelensky has revealed how much US taxpayers give to Ukraine monthly.
Ukraine President Zelensky has survived a Kyiv car crash. Putin reportedly survived an alleged assassination attempt yesterday, which coincided with the crash in Kyiv.
In a display of support, the US has protected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky from any criticism ever since Russia attacked Ukraine in February. As it becomes evident the war has been lost, someone will have to take the fall, and it appears that Washington is preparing to throw the leader in Kiev to the wolves.
According to German media, Zelensky had secret deals with which he avoided paying taxes and migrated his business abroad.
A report which was released earlier on Thursday by Amnesty International was met with heavy criticism, with Zelensky accusing the organisation of supporting terrorism in a video speech later that night.