Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tag: USA

Biden's $320M Gaza pier has detached and drifted onto an Israeli beach, highlighting recent setbacks in the US humanitarian aid initiative, including injuries to US soldiers and complications in aid delivery.
According to CalSTA, California is testing a "road charge" system as gas tax revenues dwindle. Participants report mileage voluntarily, aligning with Biden's push for electric vehicles. A "road charge,"...
Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on Thursday enabling the government to confiscate American assets in Russia, encompassing real estate and belongings. This is in response to potential US seizures of Russian assets.
Former CIA officer and FBI linguist Alexander Yuk Ching Ma pleaded guilty in Honolulu federal court on Friday to spying for China for over a decade, in exchange for $50,000.
Recent findings from the Hinrich Foundation indicate that China's shift away from the USD signifies the commencement of de-dollarization. Furthermore, data reveals that the percentage of settlements conducted in RMB has now exceeded those in USD.
Social media posts suggest that the US is deploying an anti-air defense system, C-RAM, on the Gaza Aid Pier. This follows an incident where two American soldiers were injured and some aid trucks were reportedly taken over...
Health officials warn of a potential H5N1 pandemic just as the WHO's pandemic treaty vote at the 77th World Health Assembly approaches, raising concerns about increased authority and measures during future health crises.
According to the Children's Defense Fund, U.S. Census Bureau figures reveal that 1 in 7 American kids live in poverty, with over 11 million affected in 2021 due to caregiving costs, single parenthood, unemployment, and family disabilities.
A new "Twitter Files" report reveals the CIA's secret plot to take over social media, exposing efforts by intelligence community members to control Twitter’s content management system and influence information sharing under the guise of national security.
During a press conference, the Pentagon's spokesman, Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, admitted to reporters on Tuesday that Biden's Gaza Pier stunt is a total failure. It did not take...