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According to documentation acquired by the media, the Royal Tank Regiment of the United Kingdom, the world's oldest tank regiment, helped train Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Donbass.
Hospitalizations and deaths remain stubbornly high and overwhelmingly occur in vaccinated people. In February, 90 percent of the 1,000 Britons who died each week of Covid were vaccinated.
A major UK study finds that pharmaceutical manufacturing sites is the primary contributors of drug contamination and has polluted almost all the rivers of the world.
There are dead birds falling from the sky and raining down on cars over at Pembrokeshire. An environmental enthusiast has even stated unequivocally that whatever caused the catastrophe was manmade without a doubt.
Despite his parents' objections that his situation may contribute to health consequences, potentially death, after the shot, a judge in the United Kingdom's High Court ordered that a 20-year-old gravely crippled man must have a COVID-19 shot against his parents wishes.
The Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom has unveiled its space defence policy, which presents the ominous prospect of a "exo-atmospheric nuclear attack." Nevertheless, the text provides few real ideas for dealing with such a scenario.
The British government reports claim that the children are 52 times more likely to die following COVID vaccine. Mortality rates were even greater among individuals who took two doses of the COVID vaccine in both young age groups.
A small island in Northern England is looking for a landlord to run its 300-year-old pub—and serve as the king. The town council of Barrow-in-Furness is now looking for the perfect candidate to take over the helm.
According to reports a Chinese spy named Christine Ching Kui Lee has infiltrated the British Parliament. Extreme caution has been advised for anyone who comes into contact with the said spy.
A very reputed physician from the UK has correlated the term "waste of time" with the vaccination. Dr. Clive Dix who has a different perspective on the implementation of the vaccine discusses his opinions.