Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tag: Time

An article that was published in Physical Review A, by Alessandro Coppo and other researchers, discussed a new theory suggesting time is an illusion created by quantum entanglement. What...
NASA and international partners are collaborating to establish a new timekeeping system for the moon, addressing the complexities of lunar time as astronauts prepare for future missions.
UC San Diego geophysicist Professor Duncan Agnew stated in his paper that as Earth's rotation has been increasing, time will stop in 2029, and a second could be removed.
An entirely new way of measuring time has been discovered by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden that doesn't require a specific starting point.
Future developments in the field of physics may lead to time itself being regarded as non-existent, at least in the context of some theories, says Sam Baron, associate professor in philosophy at the Australian Catholic University.
The theory proposed by some scientists who believe there could be an ‘anti-universe’ next to ours where time runs backwards is quite odd to say the least. But there is a lot out there in the universe that we humans are yet to explore.