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In the worst and biggest espionage case the Scandinavian nation has seen in 50 years, two Iranian-born Swedish brothers were sentenced to significant prison terms on Thursday for spying for Russia and its military intelligence service GRU for a decade.
An entirely new way of measuring time has been discovered by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden that doesn't require a specific starting point.
Swedish investigators have found evidence of ‘serious sabotage’ of Nord Stream pipelines. The explosions have not been attributed to any nation-state or organization. Furthermore, no nation has been charged by the United States with committing an act of sabotage.
ISIS have lately attempted to resurge. At such a time, reports have emerged stating that Ericsson employees were paying bribes to ISIS terrorists in an attempt to gain access to the markets.
"We can open up society": states Sweden while it lifts nearly all Covid-19 restrictions. The government will process this request in a swift manner and will also put forward a law proposal to reclassify that Covid is no longer a danger to the society.
On Thursday, Sweden's Health Agency rejected COVID vaccines for children in the age group of 5–11, citing a lack of "clear benefit" that outweighs the dangers.
A defense agency that is set to operate under the title of Sweden Psychological Defense Agency has been commissioned and launched to counter the spread of misinformation. The distribution of such misinformation has been credited with disruption and misleading of society.
According to a major Swedish study, spike protein induced by COVID vaccines weakens the immune system and may also lead to cancer. The study found that the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair.
Until recently, prohibition remained the largest experiment in social engineering a democracy had ever undertaken. And then, in early 2020, a new virus began to spread from China. Faced with this threat, the world’s governments responded by closing schools, banning people from meeting, forcing entrepreneurs to shut their businesses and making ordinary people wear face masks. Like prohibition, this experiment provoked a debate. In all the democracies of the world, freedom was weighed against what was perceived as security; individual rights versus what was considered best for public health.
After Finland, Sweden and Denmark now Iceland bans Moderna’s COVID vaccine for all ages over heart inflammation concerns.