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The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation is investigating the possibility of a Chinese sabotage of the Baltic Connector Pipeline between Sweden and Finland.  The role of a Chinese ship...
Surgeons at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, a leader in uterus transplants, revealed that the world's first baby was born from a robot-transplanted uterus. A baby boy carried in a uterus implanted into his...
Sebastian Strand, a marine biologist with the OneWhale organization, has said that the Russian "spy" whale, nicknamed Hvaldimir, has surfaced in Sweden at Hunnebostrand. First discovered in Norway's far northern region of Finnmark, the...
In the worst and biggest espionage case the Scandinavian nation has seen in 50 years, two Iranian-born Swedish brothers were sentenced to significant prison terms on Thursday for spying for Russia and its military intelligence service GRU for a decade.
An entirely new way of measuring time has been discovered by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden that doesn't require a specific starting point.
Swedish investigators have found evidence of ‘serious sabotage’ of Nord Stream pipelines. The explosions have not been attributed to any nation-state or organization. Furthermore, no nation has been charged by the United States with committing an act of sabotage.
ISIS have lately attempted to resurge. At such a time, reports have emerged stating that Ericsson employees were paying bribes to ISIS terrorists in an attempt to gain access to the markets.
"We can open up society": states Sweden while it lifts nearly all Covid-19 restrictions. The government will process this request in a swift manner and will also put forward a law proposal to reclassify that Covid is no longer a danger to the society.
On Thursday, Sweden's Health Agency rejected COVID vaccines for children in the age group of 5–11, citing a lack of "clear benefit" that outweighs the dangers.
A defense agency that is set to operate under the title of Sweden Psychological Defense Agency has been commissioned and launched to counter the spread of misinformation. The distribution of such misinformation has been credited with disruption and misleading of society.