China's Secret Spy Bases Near U.S.: Inside Cuba's Surveillance Expansion 1

China’s Secret Spy Bases Near U.S.: Inside Cuba’s Surveillance Expansion

A new report reveals that Cuba has expanded its electronic surveillance capabilities with four upgraded facilities, including one near Guantanamo Bay, sparking concerns about China’s espionage activities near U.S. shores. The facilities, strategically located, are suspected to support China’s efforts to spy on American military activities. Satellite images indicate significant

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WHO Ties Up With CERN For Global Pandemic Surveillance Tool 1

WHO Ties Up With CERN For Global Pandemic Surveillance Tool

WHO ties up with CERN for an online global pandemic surveillance tool called ARIA. According to the WHO, the alteration aims to resolve a scientific disagreement that hindered the initial response to the COVID-19 crisis. Member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) are set to cast their votes on

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How WhatsApp Help US Govt Spy On You

Reports of WhatsApp being made to spy on users have surfaced as of late. The operation was put into motion by an US governmental agency for spying on activities pertaining to importation of opioids from China.

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How Bad Is China’s Social Credit System

China’s social credit system was first announced in 2014 and has since bred speculation that it will lead to an Orwellian nightmare – a real-life Black Mirror. Media reports claimed that all Chinese citizens would be given a numerical ranking by 2020. But is this true?

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