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Purnima Anand, the chair of the Forum, said that at the 14th BRICS summit they discussed the possibility of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey joining BRICS very soon.
This week, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia to talk about the world's oil shortage. A question that has been raised is if Biden can break the alliance between Saudi Arabia and Russia?
The PIF has already founded 54 new businesses, spanning industries like real estate and luxury cruises, with an investment goal of at least $40 billion a year in Saudi Arabia. This is the story of the making of Saudi Inc.
Several reporters caught a brief conversation between Biden and Macron on camera at the G7 summit, where Macron told Biden about Saudi Arabia's oil capacity and how it will not increase production anytime soon.
A new report from Reuters has stated that Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia as China’s top oil supplier by supplying 1.98 million bpd of Russian crude oil in May.
LIV Golf has been accused of being nothing more than the latest effort by the Gulf state to clean up, or sportswash, its image. Nevertheless, this is how the Saudis sparked a Golf Civil War.
As a stagflationary environment transitions into what could soon be a global depression, global central banks are frantically raising interest rates to contain inflation. But amidst all this, Saudi Arabia still has plans to construct the largest buildings ever.
US lawmakers will launch a probe into Saudi Arabia’s $2 billion investment in Jared Kushner’s firm.
The Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman has been reported to refuse to pump more oil in order to hurt Russia and even shouted at Biden's NSA Jake Sullivan for bringing up the name of journalist Khashoggi.
The crisis in Ukraine is making Saudi Arabia which is one of the cheapest sites in the world to produce crude and it's royal family very rich.