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The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the CIA director told the Saudis that the US was blindsided by the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria.
SAMA is currently researching the market preparedness, potential efficiency, and speed of applications for digital currency payment systems. Saudi Central bank is testing digital currency.
The world's largest supplier of crude oil, Saudi Arabia, is open to negotiating non-dollar oil trade settlements, according to Mohammed Al-Jadaan, the Saudi finance minister, in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Tuesday in Davos.
According to Germany's aero telegram, the Saudis are scrapping the $280 million jumbo jet contracted for the Saudi crown prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi after just 42 hours of flight because no bidders expressed interest in turning it into a cargo plane.
Kish, since you are wondering, is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf famed for its tourist and shopping attractions. It is becoming a serious rival to other nearby vacation hubs in Doha and Dubai.
Saudi Arabia has announced the discovery of huge gold and copper deposits in Medina. The latest discoveries are now anticipated to draw domestic and foreign investors, which will subsequently help the Kingdom's economy grow.
The third annual National Conservatism conference kicked off Sunday in Miami, Florida, bringing together a who’s who of figures associated with the so-called “New Right.” Topics of discussion included how to combat the rise of China, how to fight back against gender ideology, and, courtesy of the Heritage Foundation’s David Azerrad, how to resist the “blackpill” of living in a country in which “the elite is corrupt and so are the people”.
Saudi Arabians are using a mobile app sold by both Apple and Google to snitch on their fellow citizens for dissenting against government authorities. As a result, activists and others are going to prison for more than 30 years in some cases, Business Insider reported on Friday.
According to an article on Bloomberg just days before the invasion, Prince Alwaleed invested more than $500 million in Russian companies like Lukoil PJSC, Rosneft PJSC, and Gazprom PSJC in February.
A 75-mile long skyscraper called The Mirror Line project is being planned to be built by Saudi Arabia, announced Prince Mohammed bin Salman.