Saudi Arabia Ends 80-Year Petrodollar Deal With US 1

Saudi Arabia Ends 80-Year Petrodollar Deal With US

Saudi Arabia’s termination of its 80-year petrodollar deal on June 9, 2024, may reshape global oil markets, as it considers selling oil in currencies like the Chinese yuan, impacting US economic dominance. According to media sources, Saudi Arabia has chosen not to extend its 80-year petrodollar agreement with the United

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How India Russia Partnership help Venezuela bypass US sanctions

India Russia Partnership Help Venezuela Bypass US Sanctions

Hugo Chavez, the former President used to roam the streets of Venezuela in tanks filled with Gold bars displaying to his countrymen how their Gold and Oil would be used to pull the nation out of the Petrodollar system. Chavez is assassinated before fulfilling his dream and Venezuela has gone

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Why Only The Rupee Falls?

Why only the Rupee falls? Why should it fall close to 20% of its value? Why should this fall coincide with the passing of FDI bill when investors are lined up to bring dollars into India? Does this Rupee fall has anything to do with the rise of prices (inflation)?

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