Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tag: Pakistan

The Russian news agency TASS reported that following the meeting, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Iranian Foreign Minister, revealed that the foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, China, and Pakistan held a meeting on Afghanistan.
It is important to keep in mind that Pakistan is a nuclear-armed ally of the US, but that relationship has long caused US officials to feel extremely uneasy. The US is now targeting Pakistan's nukes related to Russia sanctions.
All administrations attempt to put a certain amount of spin on reality. They tried to paint things in the most positive light. The Biden administration has taken this to an entirely new level. It has dispensed with reality entirely. It has created a completely fictional universe.
Pakistan has asked for IMF bailout to avoid an imminent collapse. In contrast to many African and South American countries, a collapse in Pakistan might have global consequences.
Kashmir has been a source of controversy between India and Pakistan for decades, as both claim ownership of the province yet only control a portion of it. But the climate seems to be shifting as Pakistan's new PM has made an offer to India to resolve Kashmir issue.
Four Secret Service agents have been placed on leave due to their connection with the accused associated with Pakistan intelligence who were pretending to be US federal security employees. The incident has prompted security experts to question whether Pakistan intelligence has successfully infiltrated Joe Biden’s inner security?
In one of the largest ever seizures in the world, 3,000 kg heroin smuggled from Afghanistan has been seized by Indian authorities at the Mundra port in Gujarat.
With NATO forces out of Afghanistan, the Russians will largely provide security in the region and China will be exploring the possibility of restructuring Afghanistan’s supply and trade chains after twenty years of war. Although several potential routes exist along the Wakhan Corridor and via Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, here is why China is planning to link CPEC to Afghanistan.
The US Department of Justice and Department of the Treasury has recently busted a Pakistan-based human smuggling network that was helping people to illegally migrate to the US through the southern border. The mastermind behind the operation has been identified as Pakistan based Abid Ali Khan who has been conducting his operations from Nowshera, Pakistan since 2015.
A top diplomat of the UAE visited New Delhi, just the day after military chiefs from India and Pakistan decided to respect the 2003 ceasefire agreement.  Officials say that the ceasefire is the first step towards the peace between India and Pakistan. Reinstating envoys in India and Pak will be the next step, as per officials. Talks on resuming trade and Kashmir can follow after that.