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$1,000 Ozempic Could Be Made For $1 1

$1,000 Ozempic Could Be Made For $1

According to a study published in JAMA Network Open, Ozempic costing $1,000 could potentially be manufactured for as little as $1, with the manufacturing cost of a month’s supply of the medication ranging from 89 cents to $4.73. According to a study published on Wednesday, the popular diabetic medication Ozempic

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Fake Ozempic Seized By FDA As Demand For Obesity Drugs Soars

According to Bloomberg, fake Ozempics were seized by the FDA as demand for obesity drugs soared due to a shortage, and counterfeiters are taking advantage of the hype cycle. The counterfeit versions of Novo Nordisk’s diabetic medication Ozempic have been alerted to wholesalers, retail pharmacies, medical professionals, and patients by

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