Monday, June 24, 2024

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After GGI exposed the cruel beagle experiment scandal, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene confronted Dr. Fauci in 2021 about NIAID-funded tests, uncovering a cover-up involving NIH database removals and false funding claims.
During the pandemic, pharmaceutical companies paid $690 million in secret third-party royalties to Dr. Anthony Fauci's NIAID, revealing significant conflicts of interest within the agency. During the...
New data from the National Institutes of Health has revealed that Big Pharma paid $690 million to Fauci's agency during the pandemic. The American people began to sense that...
Newly released emails from the House Select Subcommittee reveal that leading scientists, including NIH adviser Dr. David Morens, discussed destroying email evidence related to bat coronavirus research and evading FOIA requests during the COVID-19 outbreak.
According to a letter from Henrietta Brisbon, a deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the US has suspended EcoHealth funding for deadly virus research at the Wuhan lab.
The US Government, spearheaded by former NIH Director Collins and Surgeon General Murthy, compelled Faiths4Vaccines, a key member of the HHS’ COVID-19 Community Corps, to advocate for COVID-19 vaccines.
The NIH has restarted the 'Bat Virus Grant' to Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit research organization in New York City, which is a new 4-year grant that represents a stripped-down version of the original grant.
The U.S. government's grants are subject to a number of requirements, including sufficient experiment supervision and prompt results reporting. Due to failure to meet certain conditions, the NIH is set to end the grant for the Wuhan lab which included making bat coronaviruses more dangerous.
Many of us with a libertarian frame of mind presume as a matter of theory that the interests of business are at odds with those of government. That’s generally true for businesses of a certain size. The regulations and taxes one faces in running an enterprise in the “land of free” are utterly shocking, as any small business owner can tell you. Even gaining the legal right to pay an employee is an arduous undertaking.
Just before the outbreak, the NIAID, headed by Dr. Fauci, funded a grant for monkeypox treatment research, especially tecovirimat.