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According to a tweet, chunks of a sperm whale washed up on NYC streets after a storm surge.
According to a New York Times report, New York has started erecting thousands of giant grey 5G towers.
Let's take a peek Inside China's secret police station in New York. 36 of these stations are in operation throughout 16 nations in Europe.
After poliovirus was found in sewage samples from four counties in the New York City area, New York has in an effort to boost low vaccination rates declared a state of emergency.
Acting Justice Ronald D. Ploetz ruled that the COVID-19 quarantine rules in New York are unconstitutional and illegal.
With $2.9 million in the state budget for 2023 geared at eliminating social isolation, Intuition Robotics is jumping in on the ground level of what is sure to be a profitable market. Now New York is set to distribute empathetic robot caretakers to combat loneliness in elderly.
Within the controversial book, by page 213, the protagonist is fantasizing about a double mastectomy. Such form of content is recommended for 14-year-olds and up. This has led to some serious concern over the NYC Education Department promoting gay pornography in public schools.
An ethics professor at the New York public university has praised the ‘evolutionary advantages’ of pedophilia. He isn't the first, and the reality is that he's been openly backed by 153 other professors.
A 24-year-old male student was verified as the recent casualty of vaccine-induced myocarditis by a New York county coroner. According to one lawyer, the Watts household has the right to sue the state and Pfizer for their tragedy.
The US Department of Justice stated on Tuesday that a New York couple was arrested and booked for a $4.5 billion cryptocurrency laundering scheme and attempting to deceive the US government.