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According to the Wall Street Journal, it has been reported that the New York Times is set to receive around $100 million from Google over three years as part of a broad deal. The...
Yesterday, September 1, 2022, The New York Times had a front page story entitled: “The Pandemic Erased Two Decades of Progress in Math and Reading.”
Johnson & Johnson has stopped the production of its Covid-19 vaccine according to the New York Times. The vaccine's global distributors informed the NYT that they remained oblivious of the manufacturing halt.
A renowned independent journalist claimed the COVID vaccines are dangerous and ineffective and advocated for the urgent discontinuation of vaccines from the market due to substantially high occurrence of COVID infection in the most "vaccinated nations."
A former NY Times editor is the latest person to be vocal about covid and labels it as a "pandemic of bureaucracy" and then went onto further express all her frustrations regarding the pandemic while giving a backstage view of the whole thing.
A New York judge on Tuesday extended a law barring the New York Times from publishing some material on the Project Veritas, conservative activist group, a condition the newspaper said violated First Amendment protections.
The New York Times has been caught again peddling fake news of children being hospitalized by COVID-19.
Shocking new evidence suggest that the founders of the New York Times were slaveowners and even traded in minors. Meanwhile, a $10M lawsuit has been filed against the New York Times for peddling fake news On Coronavirus. https://twitter.com/thejimjams/status/1306109424667250688 ...
Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. has slapped a $10 million lawsuit against the New York Times for a false for and a damaging story on Coronavirus that was circulated throughout the Internet. The NYT story was peddling the fake...