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After President Putin signed a decree on May 16, 2023, simplifying Russian citizenship for foreign nationals who join the war, Gurkhas are joining PMC Wagner for the lure of Russian citizenship. In a development...
Nepal Plane Crash At Least 68 Killed

Nepal Plane Crash 2023

A tourist town in Nepal witnessed a deadly plane crash, when an aircraft on a 27-minute flight, while trying to land at a recently inaugurated airport, crashed into a gorge on Sunday. The accident resulted in the death of at least 68 out of the 72 passengers on board. Some reports suggest that cries for help were heard from the burning wreckage, making it the most fatal air crash in Nepal in the past 30 years.
For the first time ever, dengue fever was followed by a tomato flu-like sickness in an adult in Nepal. Tomato flu is on the rise in Nepal.
Nine Russian climbers have been already granted licenses to scale in Nepal this spring season, as Nepal's rejects Ukraine's request to ban Russian climbers from the Himalayas saying its mountains are “global assets.”
China has occupied Rui village of Nepal and removed the boundary pillars to legitimise its annexation. China has gradually made inroads into several Nepalese territories with an objective to seize complete control. Rui village in Gorkha district is now...
The Government of India released a new political map of India after two new Union Territories - Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh came into existence on October 31, 2019. Nepal has rejected this new Indian map over Kalapani territory disputed...