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Although the figures of wealth and income disparities are already staggering in wealthier Western countries, they are significantly worse in countries like India and China. One instance that clearly depicts the disparity is the fact that an average Indian would need to work 17 million years to become as wealthy as Mukesh Ambani.
Reliance began stealth seizure of Future stores on Feb. 25. Much of Future management was in the dark about the takeover according to sources. Reliance wants to rebrand the stores and keep Future employees on  as per sources. After the takeover of stores, Amazon and Future would commence talks.
From the Waltons to the Kochs, Mukesh Ambani has had a close look and studied into how these billionaire families passed on their empire to the next generation. But lately, the process has gained even more momentum as Asia's richest man has set out to create an outline for his fortune worth $208 billion trying to avoid any warfare that has split up so many families with his own falling prey to it once.
Reliance has announced to invest $50 million in Breakthrough Energy Ventures owned by Bill Gates and George Soros.
Three Chinese banks are suing Anil Ambani in a London court for failing to pay back $680 million in defaulted loans. The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd., China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China agreed to...
In the 14-year old 92,000 crore telecom dispute, the Supreme Court has in a major blow ruled in favor of the government stating that India’s telecom operators will have to include non-core revenue to calculate dues it owes to...