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Participants in Moderna’s clinical trials for its mRNA booster Covid shots keep dying.
Since the human heart is unable to repair itself, many cardiac arrest patients are left with debilitating scars that can lead to subsequent issues. That might change as scientists discover way to cure heart attacks using mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines.
Dr. Robert Malone, referred to as the mRNA vaccine inventor, is now the target for criticism even among his own peers. This has garnered so much attention to the point that the name of Malone has been removed from a Wikipedia page on mRNA technology.
Covid-19 vaccination has become mandatory and it is important to understand what this injection truly is. As per definition, the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are gene therapies created by Moderna and Pfizer, they are not vaccines. Yet, many fact checkers insist this claim of gene therapy is false.
According to pharma giant Moderna, the COVID-19 mRNA based experimental vaccines being approved for emergency use for the first time in history are Operating System designed to program human DNA. Messenger RNA (mRNA) is found in all living cells. These...