Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tag: Moon

Scientists have discovered a gigantic "structure" under the surface of the Moon, located beneath its South Pole-Aitken basin. They say it could be made out of metal from the core of an asteroid or oxides from the...
A team of researchers at the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research's National Institute of Oceanography has found that fish sing songs timed with the moon.
Exploring the ice moons of Jupiter will be one of Europe's most ambitious space missions ever. Europe's mission to Jupiter's icy moons is now ready for launch.
In an interview with the BBC, NASA official Howard Hu said humans might live on the moon this decade if the present Artemis mission was successful.
Researchers have struggled to explain the moon's formation. A new idea argues that the moon was created within hours, not centuries.
Dubai is set to construct a $5 billion moon resort. The moon resort will include a nightclub, event space, lounge, international meeting place, spa and wellness area, and an internal moon shuttle.
South Korea has already gotten a head start on its lunar mission, having successfully launched a lunar orbiter to the moon in early August. Meanwhile, the race for the moon continues.
According to a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters by Tyler Horvath, a PhD student in planetary science at the University of California, Los Angeles, they discovered pits on the Moon that stay at 63 °F all year and could be a place to visit to escape the heat.
In a recent video, Kyoto University and Kajima Construction in Japan revealed their plan to build a bullet train to the moon, which will be called Glass.
According to the latest announcement, NASA and the Department of Energy are working together to put a nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030.