As King's Health Deteriorates, Who Will MbS Appoint As Crown Prince? 1

As King’s Health Deteriorates, Who Will MbS Appoint As Crown Prince?

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman faces significant political and familial challenges in appointing his crown prince as King Salman’s health deteriorates, raising crucial questions about the future leadership within the House of Saud. As his aging father, King Salman, is nearing the end of his life and is receiving treatment

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The World’s Monarchies

King Charles III serves as the head of state of 14 sovereign countries other than his own, making the UK the most prolific among the world’s 17 constitutional monarchies. The coronation of King Charles III this Saturday will be an exercise in pomp and extravagance. People around the world will be

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Which Countries Still Have A Monarchy?

There are still 43 countries that have a monarchy, but there is no certainty that monarchies will still exist in the 21st century as six more Caribbean countries have voiced a desire to do the same since Barbados removed Queen Elizabeth II as head of state in 2021.

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