Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tag: Microsoft

Will AI Kill The Internet

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella characterizes the arrival of AI as a new paradigm, a technical turn that has the same significance as the invention of graphical user interfaces or the smartphone, but whether it will kill the internet in the future is a question we can't answer.
According to Microsoft, a new AI named VALL-E can impersonate your voice with just 3 seconds of audio and can also match the speaker's "emotional range" and tempo, making it a highly accurate type of mimicry.
Microsoft and LSEG will collaborate to create new tools for business cooperation. This came after Microsoft bought stake in the London Stock Exchange.
In order to handle its cloud needs, the Pentagon modified its strategy last year and solicited bids from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. Now, Google, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft are all set to work for Pentagon in a $9 billion deal.
There are no documented long-term eye development impacts of AR and/or VR headgear users, however the symptoms the soldiers observed suggest some short-term negative effects. Microsoft's AR goggles could kill army soldiers.
Microsoft wants to demonstrate its efforts to its US supporters in an effort to win a piece of the $15 billion funding set aside by the Pentagon. So, Microsoft is taking over Ukraine's digital networks at Pentagon's behest.
A new study conducted on Microsoft's employees shows that working from home is less productive over the long term due to compact networks with few connections among other reasons.
In an attempt to go passwordless, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have decided to kill the password using the Passkey standard, also called multi-device FIDO credential.
The whistleblower has claimed that the governments operating with Microsoft are throwing away millions of public dollars on unused Microsoft products so a few select officials, partners, and employees can enrich themselves. This is just merely one of the aspects that the whistleblower exposed in the Microsoft’s massive foreign bribery network.
COP26 has been sold as a conference where world leaders will finally tackle climate change. But for its corporate sponsors, the conference is an opportunity to greenwash their practices of polluting for profit.