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According to DappRadar, Decentraland, a $1.2 billion Metaverse project, has only 38 active daily users. 
A selfie in the $10 billion metaverse, taken by Mark Zuckerberg during the launch of Horizon Worlds in France and Spain, was mocked by Twitter users for the graphics.
The World Economic Forum (WEF), a globalist, pro-“transhumanist” organization, stated this week that it will draft governance standards for the Metaverse, a virtual reality platform linked to the internet and run by Meta (formerly Facebook).
A new article in the Guardian by AI expert Catriona Campbell says that within 50 years, parents will choose to have digital babies in the Metaverse over real ones.
The annual meeting in Davos 2022 discussed how the World Economic Forum will govern the metaverse.
The conviction of those promoting the military metaverse has only grown as of late. However, attempts to integrate the virtual and actual worlds have run into difficulties as well. Now, even the US military is building its own metaverse.
The idea that tomorrow's big supercomputers could revolutionize our technological environment has a somewhat 1960s feel to it. But despite that, the arms race to build the metaverse is anything but in the past.
Having bulldozed most real-life relationships already, Mark Zuckerberg is now moving to strip away what’s left of our expectations of privacy by dragging us kicking and screaming into an online padded cell called the Facebook ‘metaverse’.