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US restaurant wins legal battle to recover damages for COVID lockdown losses from Lloyd's. The judgment on June 15 lends reason for optimism that businesses and the legal profession are beginning to turn the page.
The growing global debt crisis, the destabilization of national governments, the dangers to democracy are all addressed in Prof. Michel Chossudovsky book. Another prevalent theme of the book is that the Covid lockdown is an act of economic warfare against humanity.
American’s capacity for denial is truly a thing to behold. For at least 27 months, it should have been obvious that we were headed for a grave crisis. Not only that: the crisis was already here in March 2020.
According to a new study, the US experienced approximately 170,000 more deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic that were not triggered by the virus directly, as obesity, substance abuse, and other killers increased under government-imposed lockdowns. A total of 170,000 excess deaths were caused by COVID lockdown, finds new study.